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Understanding the Basics of Class Action Lawsuits

Maybe you have suffered damages from a large corporation or maybe your employer didn’t allow you to take breaks and you want to stand up for your rights; however, your case may be too small and not worth the money and the time you would need to invest. It may surprise you to know that you may have a class action lawsuit. Watch this video to learn about these types of legal cases.

A class action lawsuit benefits individuals who have small cases but can come together to make their voices heard in a large way. This type of lawsuit typically involves a few individuals coming forward to stand up for the rights of many people who are in the same situation. For example, you may be part of a wage and hour class action lawsuit. Instead of filing many small individual claims, a class action lawsuit allows people to join with others who have been hurt in the same way to get a remedy that they otherwise might not have had.

If you have been harmed by a big business or your employer, you might have a class action lawsuit. Learn more about pursuing a class action suit by talking with a skilled lawyer. Contact the Turley Law Firm, PC in San Diego today for a free consultation at 619-304-1000 or online at https://www.turleylawfirm.com/contact.cfm.



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