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San Diego Jones Act Lawyer: Should I Give A Recorded Statement To The Adjuster?

What If The Jones Act Insurance Adjuster Tells Me I Have To Give A Recorded Statement?  Should I Give A Recorded Statement?

Don't ever give a recorded statement or a written statement. They know exactly what they need you to say in order to defeat your Jones Act Act claim. The Jones act insurance companies trains their adjusters and investigators on how to trick you to say things that may not be true. They may say something and hope you will agree to it, even if it isn’t true.

The only reason they want a recorded statement is to try and use t to deny your claim. They will try and get you to guess or speculate and if you guess wrong  - the insurance company lawyer will say that you are a liar. Happens all the time.

Your case could be over before it even starts.

We recommend that if the insurance adjuster tells you that they need a recorded statement before they pay you maintenance and cure or before they can settle your case - call an attorney immediately.

Always tell the truth.

You may have heard me say, "Tell the truth" again and again, sort of like a mantra. That's because that is the best advice you are going to get about what you can do to help your lawyer win your Jones Act case.

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