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Get to Know Attorney Bill Turley of the Turley Law Firm PC

If you are looking for a lawyer, please take a moment and get to know attorney Bill Turley of the Turley Law Firm P..C. By watching this video, you will discover why he wanted to be a lawyer and why he strongly believes in helping people—even those who aren’t his clients.

At the young age of 14-year-old, Bill discovered he wanted to be a lawyer when he was watching the protests and rioting over the Vietnam War. He thought it was wrong that police officers were hitting college students, and his dad told him that’s what lawyers are for. He realized early on that he wanted to help people, which is why he became a lawyer and now helps many people with their cases. Because he knows he cannot represent everyone, he freely gives the public information to help them win their cases because it is the right thing to do.

If you are looking for an attorney who wants to help you put your life back together and is helpful, passionate, knowledgeable and successful, you should contact attorney Bill Turley for a free consultation at 619-304-1000 or online at https://www.turleylawfirm.com/contact.cfm.

William Turley
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