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What if an Attorney Denies My Case?

https://www.turleylawfirm.com/ All attorneys aren’t the same. For example, some lawyers don’t practice in certain areas of the law, which makes them not as knowledgeable as lawyers who handle certain types of cases daily. As a result, some attorneys don’t recognize when someone has a legitimate legal claim, which may cause them to deny that claim. If an attorney has denied your claim, you may want a second and even a third opinion. You should watch this video.

Dustin was a cable TV installer who was injured at work. He hit a power line while installing cable and his arm was amputated on the job. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a work injury lawyer who would take his case. When he came to see me, I looked at the pictures of the lift from the day of his accident and noticed that the toggle switch he lost his arm on didn’t have a plastic cover on it. Because of that discovery, I took his case and helped him get a lot of money for his injuries.

Sometimes a lawyer won’t notice that you have a valid case. Don’t give up. You should always get a second and third opinion from other lawyers who practice in that area of the law. If you have a workplace injury claim in the San Diego area, you should contact the Turley Law Firm, PC for a free consultation at 619-304-1000 or online at https://www.turleylawfirm.com/contact.cfm.

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