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Defense Base Act Attorney - How Long Do I Have To File My Defense Base Act Case?

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Defense Base Act Statute of Limitations

Under the DBA, there are two statute of limitations: a 30 day statute of limitations and a one year statute of limitations.  While there are two statutes of limitations under the Longshore Act/Defense Base Act, the one year statute of limitation is the one you really need to be concerned about. In order to protect your rights you need to file your claim within one year of your date of injury.

The Defense Base Act states that the time for filing a claim shall not begin to run until you (or your beneficiary) are aware, or by the exercise of due diligence should have been aware, of the relationship between the injury or death and the employment.

You Have to Be Prepared

Know this: the DBA insurance attorney sure knows the law, procedure and rules. Your Defense Base Act attorney better, too.

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