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California Truck & Delivery Driver Wage Theft, The Ultimate No B.S. Guide To Getting Your Hard Earned Wages Back

Most truck and delivery companies are ripping off drivers.

Wage Theft - It Really Adds Up

I’m Bill Turley. I represent more drivers than any lawyer in California. I talk to truckers every day. Based on what I see, the company is most likely stealing your hard earned wages.

Whether you are getting paid by the hour, the mile, the stop, or load - - trucking companies and delivery companies are probably stealing your wages. It’s it wage theft. Only no one is going to jail. You should get your hard earned money back.

That's why I wrote my book, California Truck & Delivery Driver Wage Theft. The book is full of information to help you know your rights as a California driver, and to identify wage theft.

Check out all the Amazon 5 Star reviews. These reviews were written by truckers who benefited from the book.

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