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Jones Act Lawyer - Never Trust The Insurance Adjuster

“I give you an insiders view of Jones Act Seaman Law.  I don’t sugar coat it. I give it to you straight. No B.S lawyer talk, no double talk. Just old fashioned, unsweetened truth.” America's Best Rated Jones Act Lawyer - Bill Turley

America's Best Rated Jones Act Lawyer I America's Best Rated Jones Act Attorney - - No B.S. no double-talk, just straight talk - all the time.

“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S. I want it straight up, with no double talk. I figure do also. I always use plain English, with no sugarcoating no B.S lawyer talk, and no double talk- just old fashioned, unsweetened, unvarnished truth-just the way that I would want it.” -Bill Turley

My Best Advice

The one thing I advise  anyone handling their Jones Act Case, is to always tell the truth. Always. No matter what. Do not beat around the bush or sugarcoat anything. You have to be truthful about everything dealing with your case. If you are not honest, The judge will dismiss your case. Trust me on it. I have seen it many times.

My Next Best Advice

Order my free book, Win your injury Case: The Ultimate No B.S. Guide To Avoiding Insurance Company Tricks That Ruin Your Case [even before you hire a lawyer].

This is the best free advice out there on handling the Jones Act. Trust me. This book is full of helpful information to help you and your family win your Jones Act Case.

You And The Jones Act Insurance Adjuster

Never, ever trust the Jones Act insurance adjuster.  These adjusters are taught to try and gain your trust. They try and get you to let your guard down - - then they use whatever you say to them as a basis to deny your claim. Big mistake.

The insurance adjuster’s job is to deny your claim - - not help you get the medical treatment and money you deserve.  

Don’t take leagal advice from the Jones Act insurance adjuster. Ever.

Don’t treat with any doctor suggested by the insurance adjuster.

You Have To Be Nice To The Insurance Adjuster

That being said, don't blow your relationship with the Jones Act insurance adjuster. Be Nice. But don't be too talkative and don't be rude. Be polite and only say as much as is necessary.

The last thing you want to do is motivate the insurance adjuster against you and your claim. On the other hand, don't get all chatty with the Jones Act insurance adjuster. Remember, it is just like criminal law: everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Depend on it. This is another reason to get a seasoned Jones Act lawyer.

No B.S. Lawyer Talk - No Double Talk - All The Time


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America's Best Rated Jones Act Lawyer - Bill Turley

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“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”