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"Thanks Bill Turley"

5 Star Amazon Review

James Sanchez

"I recommend this book. I have been a driver for 23 years. My employer has tells me that I need to service the customer and interrupts my lunch with work orders. I now realize they have been violating my rights. Thanks Bill Turley."


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The Ultimate Resource

The Turley Law Firm website is the ultimate resource for Trucking and Delivery Driver Wage Theft cases. 

Here we provide the answers in a clear, concise way that will leave you knowing what you need to do and have to succeed with your case.

You can get your FREE copy of the highly reviewed book, "California Truck & Delivery Wage Theft".

You can access pages of FREE content that cover everything from deadlines for wage and hour claims to what to do if you think you are owed unpaid wages in California.



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Amazon.com review October 11, 2016