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"In 2014 I could not return to work. It is 2017 now and I have just won my DBA case."

5 Star Amazon Review

"In 2014 I could not return to work. It is 2017 now and I have just won my DBA case.

Bill Turleys book “Win Your Defense Base Act Case” was essential to my successful DBA insurance claim and settlement. I could not return to work due to two injuries; a psychological injury being Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a knee injury being Bi-Lateral Tendonitis or “Jumpers Knee”. The DBA insurance companies medical professionals also known as minions opined that I could return to work with no restrictions. My work was in a high threat environment. I insisted that I was not ready to return to work due to my concerns. I feel that the DBA insurance company made their negligent decision in favor of saving money. However, I knew that the only one who could put me on a plane back to my DBA job was me! I knew this because I read this book that Bill Turley published concerning the DBA law. This book gave me the confidence to take control of my well being.

The candidness and honesty in this book must be reciprocated by you; you must tell the truth always and never lie about anything related to your work related injuries; you will be facing an army of paid professionals employed by the DBA insurance company that will try to discredit you; this is by design and it is normal practice so do not take personal offense from this. My insurance adjuster was good at his job. He reminded me of the guy who tried to sell me a timeshare many years ago. This is not a stab at him, it’s a stab at the job that does not have your best interest at heart.

I would like to say thank you to Mr. Turley for writing this book. During the 2 years it took to mediate a settlement I used this book exclusively to counsel myself, my family and friends. This book was my guiding light. Use it as your “cornerstone” to ensure your DBA case has a solid foundation. If I would of taken on the DBA Insurance company by myself then my case was likely to fall apart. Protect your rights, seek professional counsel. If you want the best representation, kindly request the Turley Law Firm to represent you.

Bill Turley, I salute you for informing the troops, I sincerely hope this review gets to you and more importantly that it informs others. It breaks my heart to know that so many people get pushed to the side by these DBA insurance companies.

Respectfully submitted,
Stephen C."

Review dated: June 15th, 2017

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You want to make sure you're as ready as possible for everything the DBA insurance companies throw at you when dealing with your DBA case. So get prepared with my book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case.

You can order it here for FREE. What the heck, I'll even pay the shipping and handling. 'Cause at the end of the day this is you and your family's economic future at stake here. You need to win your DBA case.

Amazon.com kindle book review May 11, 2016

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