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What really matters isn't what we say about ourselves -- it's what our CLIENTS SAY about our work on their cases. Here's what some of our clients have to say about our law firm.

The following are actual statements made about us by our clients     

      Defense Base Act:

“Bill Turley is like a pit bull, with a triple chop in his mouth, because he is really aggressive and at the same time he is very approachable. What I liked about Bill Turley is that he sat back and listened to me, and gave me room to talk, which most attorneys don’t do.”

Stephanie B

“My biggest fear was having the insurance company stop benefits and medical payments those sorts of things…. I was told about the Turley Law Firm, so I did researched it myself, they are very knowledgeable about the Defense Base Act”

Brian W

“…I checked several websites and I found The Turley Lawfirm website to be the most helpful, and based on that that’s why I submitted an inquiry to the law firm.  The information provided in the videos that were on your website were very helpful also… The attorneys at the Turley Law Firm are very knowledgeable, supportive and professional.”

Sally C

“My biggest fear was if I was going to have someone that would meet my needs and get back to me and explain things step by step to me. After the attorney spoke with me I felt more confident, he knew what he was talking about and that was how I selected The Turley Law Firm, the customer service was a 10.”             

Steven P

“… I had gotten injured in Afghanistan and my biggest concern was that my benefits were not going to be paid out, and that my injury was not going to be properly treated. I found the information on the Turley Law Firm website helpful.”      

Ben B

“I would definitely recommend others to the Turley Law Firm they are the best ever, the best office ever and the best people ever.  If anyone came forward I would tell them about you guys.”        

Mohamied A

Jones Act and Longshore:

Shipyard Worker Injured On Navy Ship - Bill Turley takes case to Trial and Wins. 

"Bill took my case to trial .. he fought hard .... he really did a good job." 

"I recommend them to anyone that needs help..he is a good attorney." 

Products Liability/ Third Party Work Injury:

“From beginning to the end we received great service, and we felt bad when everything was over to say goodbye to them. Because they were there for us for a lot of years and helped us out. It was sad to say goodbye when we had to say goodbye. But if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have our house, we wouldn’t have everything they helped us out with."

Marissa F

“Bill Turley is like none other (attorney) I have encountered. He is at once a tough and determined lawyer when dealing with the defendant, and at the same time a man sincerely concerned for the welfare and future of his client. He is a real person, after one meeting with him, I fully understood that. On more than one occasion he said to me, “Debbie, if I lose this case, it will impact my career, but it will be devastating for you, lets think this through and do what’s going to be best for you.” I ask you, what more can you ask of your lawyer!”

Debbie K


“I think Bill Turley is the best, he has been there for me every time I have questions, he is there to answer questions, he explains everything.”

Juan M

“The client service rendered to me by Mr. Turley and his entire staff was exceptional. His staff was always respectful, caring and punctual from start to finish. Each time I was in contact with the Turley law firm either in person or by the phone, I was afforded what I would call exemplary service. So much so that there was not one experience that stands out in my mind. All the experiences I had with them were very positive.”

Debbie K

Products Liability - Defective Equipment causes serious injuries to worker - case successfully settled within one year of hiring The Turley Law Firm

"They really did a good job for me." 

"The attorneys at The Turley Law Firm are absolutely great."

"They kept me very informed and they walked me through the process." 

"I would absolutely recommend Bill Turley." 

Third Party Work Injury - Forklift amputates workers' leg - - Products Liability Case against Forklift Jib Boom Company

"I was always well informed."

"I recommend them big time."

Third Party Work Injury - Explosion At Work - Catastrophic Injuries to Worker

"1000% percent satified"

"The Turley Law Firm are amazing lawyers"


Products Liability Case: Industrial Products Causes Amputation and Degloving Injuries

"Bill is a great lawyer. He is very honest and hard working. I can't say enough about him and Dave. They are very, very good. I was very pleased with them. They took on a big insurance company and won. I recommend them to anyone that is seriously injured. "


A Personal Approach To Winning Your Case

Our lawyers and staff offer a personal approach to winning your case. We know what a serious injury or death can mean to you and your family. As a client, we want to know how your accident has affected your life. We will discuss all aspects of your case with you, advise you of your options and involve you in the decision making process. Helping you through this difficult time is our commitment. We are always available to answer your questions and will always keep you informed. We will do everything to ensure that you receive the highest compensation for your injuries.


We Know How to Listen

The people who come to us for help are seriously injured. They never imagined that they could not continue to work. They are worried. They and their families need money for health bills, rent, mortgages, food, school supplies, and all the rest that goes into a satisfying, safe, good life. When you work with us, you'll understand that we understand. We know the value of your case. We have our own families and concerns and truly understand where you are coming from.

To get started, we offer a free consultation. To arrange to talk to our disability specialists, call 619-304-1000 or 866-705-4617 Or email us by clicking here

Helping Injured People Since 1987

Since 1987, we have represented clients from all walks of life, from working class people to doctors and lawyers. As our client, we will utilize our experience and reputation to ensure that you receive the highest amount of compensation in the fastest time possible. We are committed to helping you through this difficult time. We have a reputation of excellence and have a high success rate in helping clients obtain maximum recovery for their injuries. 


These testimonials/endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, 

        or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. 

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  • Another 5 star review for "Win Your Defense Base Act Case", the most comprehensive DBA book out there for anyone pursuing a Defense Base Act case.

    5 Star Review Christopher R. Great book!!! Lots of information to help with your DBA case! I got this book a week ago and have read through it. It has tons of great information that you would not normally know about regarding your DBA injury or how to deal with your insurance adjuster. It helps you navigate some law and breaks it down "barney style" so contractors can understand how to navigate through all your medical and legal processes. I would recommend this book for any contractor working for the USG overseas. See the whole review here. Review Dated: May 9th, 2017   Get the book for FREE that everyone's talking about today.

    Amazon.com review May 9th, 2017
  • Amazon user gives "Win Your Defense Base Act" a 5 Star Review, calling it "a very informative book."

    5 Star Review Rush Feed your brain with knowledge...Great BOOK! "This is a very informative book! After searching for attorneys to handle my case, I narrowed the selection very fast after reading this amazing book. Mr. Turley has laid down the Law "literally" in this straight up no BS book! I highly recommend!!" Want to get the book that Rush has given a 5 star review to for FREE? Click here.  Want more valuable information on the Defense Base Act Case or how to get started with your case? Check out the pages and pages of content on The Turley Law Firm Website. 

    Amazon.com review August 22, 2016
  • Amazon reader gives "Win Your Defense Base Act Case" by Bill Turley a 5 star review without hesitation

    5 Star Review MARK EXCELLENT BOOK I was injured last year in a work related training accident that qualified under the DBA guidelines. Several months later I retained Mr. Turley's law firm. Shortly after that I read his book, it was very helpful & answered most of my initial questions. One thing that definitely helped was Mr. Turley's style of writing. It is very easy to understand without a lot of "legaleeze". Mr. Turley walks the reader through a typical DBA case step by step, carefully explaining the "Do's & Don'ts" involved in a DBA case. Again, it was very helpful & easy to understand. Mr. Turley's law firm has been outstanding in all respects. All of my phone calls are answered promptly & my emails are usually answered within the hour. I am extremely happy with the choice I made in legal representation. If you are involved in a DBA case, you definitely need to read this book. 5* for this excellent read. Review Dated: Novembe 7th, 2016 See the actual review here.    

    Amazon Review November 7th, 2016
  • Kenneth H. is completely please with the Turley Law Firm PC's service, professionalism and website. These lawyers worked around the clock to win his Defense Base Act case.

    "I am COMPLETELY PLEASED with the service, professionalism, website ( I wore your website out. The section which spoke about the Independent Medical Examiner), communication, resources offered via telephone, the request for documentation. Documents, photos, and the calls that my attorney made to me throughout the week and on the weekends, when I thought he would be having fun. When someone calls you on his weekend in the evening, they are not screwing around, and his calls to me were consistent and timely.  He worked around the clock to win my case." Check out the website that he's talking about which offers a full DBA article library and a FAQ section so you can get the asnwers you need about your DBA case now.  After you're done wearing our website out, get a copy of my book, "Win Your Defense Base Act Case" for FREE here.

    Kenneth H
  • Mohamied A. would definitely recommend The Turley Law Firm PC for anyone needing a DBA lawyer. He says they are the best office ever.

    “I would definitely recommend others to the Turley Law Firm they are the best ever, the best office ever and the best people ever.  If anyone came forward I would tell them about you guys.”   Want to learn more about how to win your Defense Base Act Case with honesty and integrity? Order my book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case, here for FREE. 

    Mohamied A
  • Stephanie said that Bill was very approachable, and gave her room to talk, but when it came time to fight for her case, he was aggressive and worked hard to win.

    “My biggest fear was that I was employed with this military contractor that worked for the department of defense transporting the US Military, and my biggest fear was that I had been with this company close to 19 years, and when I got hurt on the job I was scared that I wasn’t going to make the money I used to make and my medical bills were not going to be paid....Bill Turley is like a pit bull, with a triple chop in his mouth, because he is really aggressive and at the same time he is very approachable. What I liked about Bill Turley is that he sat back and listened to me, and gave me room to talk, which most attorneys don’t do.”   Find out what you need to win your DBA case with my book, "Win Your Defense Base Act Case", which you can get on this site for FREE. And before you do check out my book's many 5 Star Amazon reviews. So you make sure this is the right resource for you.

    Stephanie B

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