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Claim your free copy of the highly rated book "Win Your Defense Base Act Case" .... THE must read for every seriously injured overseas civilian contractor!

Free Book | Win Your Defense Base Act Case

If you want to make sure you get all the medical treatment that you are entitled to and get all the money that you deserve for your Defense Base Act case, this is THE most important thing you will ever read.

Win Your Defense Base Act Case clearly lays out for you all the things that you MUST do and MUST never do in order for you to prevail in your DBA case.  This is an eye-opening book. Bill Turley has had one of the top two largest DBA law firms in the world that represents seriously injured overseas civilian contractors. 

Don't miss insider information - written by a straight-shooter

In this book, Bill provides insider-information that you cannot get anywhere else. Quite frankly, there is nothing else like this book. Nothing else is even close.

Bill Turley is well known for his straight-forward, hard-hitting, no B.S. style.  He tells you what you need to hear - not necessarily what you may want to hear. 

Believe it or not, Bill is a lawyer that is all about unfiltered unadulterated truth, with no sugar added.  As Bill likes to tell folks, he gives advice the exact same way that he wants to hear whenever he has to hire a professional.  He is never going to blow smoke, just so you like him. 

Win Your Defense Base Act Case is an in your face attack on the tactics and strategies the Defense Base Act insurance company will try and use to keep you and your family from getting what you are entitled to under the law.

The Book Covers:

-    Why it is so important for you to win your case with the truth
-    How to protect your credibility
-    Why you shouldn’t assume that just because you are telling the truth that you and your claim “will be good”
-    How to avoid the common DBA insurance company trick and traps that oftentimes have case-ending consequences
-    How to make sure you get all the medical treatment you are entitled to under the law
-    How to make sure you get all your money benefits
-    How to deal with your doctor in order to make sure you get the medical reports you need in order to win your case
-    How to make sure you get a good settlement
-    How to avoid paper-work screw-ups that can delay your case for years
-    A plain English explanation of all the steps of a DBA case
-    A “roadmap” to you winning your DBA case
-    All the do’s and don'ts you need to know
-    Why you should never sign DBA insurance company releases
-    Why you should never give a recorded or written statement
-    How to choose and hire the right DBA lawyer (and why you should never pay for your DBA lawyer)
-    How to prepare yourself for the insurance company’s hired doctor
-    And much, much more

Don't believe it?  Then you shouldn't miss the dozens of 5 STAR REVIEWS  on amazon.com

But you don’t have to believe what you read here. Right now you should to go to amazon.com and read the dozens of 5 star reviews about Win Your Defense Base Act Case. Once you do - you are going to see what hundreds of other folks just like you have seen - this is THE single most important source to make sure you get the best medical treatment possible and get all the money benefits you deserve. These are just a few of the dozens of reviews we have received, feel free to click on any of the reviews to check out more of our Amazon reviews. 

We guarantee that this book will help you! (Better than a money back guarantee? ...Really?)

When you signed up to be a civilian contractor overseas, you certainly didn't sign up for a Defense Base Act claim. You definitely didn't anticipate having to fight for DBA benefits once you returned home. Bill knows that you and your family were thrust into a legal case that you are unfamiliar with. That is why Bill wrote the book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case: The Ultimate Straight Talk. Roadmap to The Medical Treatment and Money You and Your Family Deserve.

Win Your Defense Base Act Case will help you win your battle against the Defense Base Act insurance company— we guarantee it. 

This book will help you understand the DBA process. It really is the only book like it.

Claim your free copy and we pay the shipping and handling (find out why we do this)

Instead of giving you a money-back guarantee - we will ship the book to you and we will pay the shipping.  That's right.

We don't want you to fall for the DBA insurance company's tricks and traps.  Every week we are asked to "fix" DBA cases that got screwed-up because folks didn't hear about this book. So we figured it would save us a lot of "fixing" and save you a ton of money if we just gave this book away free from the git go. 

So, our guarantee is better than a money-back guarantee because we don't charge you any money to begin with. Get it?

Unfiltered, unadulterated, unsweetened truth

Believe it or not, Bill is known for his straight-up, blunt, call it the way he sees it style— he doesn't sugar coat anything. He hasn't sugar coated anything in this book and it delivers an eye-opening view of what it is going to take for you to win your DBA case.

This book is packed with easy to understand straight-forward, frank advice on every part of your DBA case.  From cover to cover the book is all about hard-hitting, eye-opening truth with no sugar added. That is unfiltered, unadulterated truth.

This book is hated by the Defense Base Act insurance companies - - do you know why that is?

Bill's has had the largest DBA law firm on the west coast and one of the two largest Defense Base law firms that represents seriously injured overseas civilian contractors in the world.  They have dealt with the DBA insurance companies and their lawyers on a daily basis. 

What the big-wig, fat-cat suits at the DBA insurance companies will tell you (off the record, of course); is that they HATE this book.

They will tell you that they have lost millions and millions of dollars due to folks reading this book and not falling for the common DBA insurance company tricks and traps. They will tell you that the last thing that they want you to do is to read this book.

Learn why you MUST never pay for a Defense Base Act Lawyer

If a lawyer tells you that you have to pay in order to talk with them about your Defense Base Act case, you need to run. Fast.  Your attorney fees for a DBA lawyer should always be paid by the DBA insurance company - not you.  Always.  We charge a lot for representing you - but you shouldn't ever have to pay us or any other DBA lawyer. The DBA insurance company pays for your lawyer - not you. Find out why you MUST never pay for a DBA lawyer in this book.

Folks say that we are fools for giving this book away for free (why we aren't charging big money for the book)

You might wonder why we are giving this book away on our website. Folks are telling us that we can make a lot of money by selling it because of all the valuable insider information that Bill has provided in the book. 

Whether you are a DBA claimant or a lawyer that wants to handle DBA cases, this book is helpful on every level. But the reality is, Bill can't possibly represent every DBA claimant. 

Our firm's clients get the practical advice that is contained in this book.  By giving this DBA guide away, we are spreading the DBA gospel, so to speak. Bill's intent on writing this book was never to make money. The first reason why he wrote this book was for our own clients—better informed clients get better results. 

The second reason why he wrote Win Your Defense Base Act Case is to level the playing field between good folks and the DBA insurance companies. Every week our office seems to be contacted by someone that has been train wrecked by the DBA system. It sucks when good honest people, with legitimate claims don't get the DBA benefits that they deserve.

Finally, Bill wrote this book because he feels duty-bound. Good folks have been seriously injured or killed defending our freedom.

Like Robert Hunter said:  "If you don't—who else will?"

So He Did. Now We Are Giving it to You—for Free

You all deserve a hero's welcome. Instead, you face a battle with an insurance company that is only out to make a profit. We are truly sorry for your struggle. We hope this DBA guide helps you to get the DBA benefits that you and your family deserve.

Thank you for so much.

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Simply enter your information in the form below and we will provide you with a direct link to the PDF of the first 5 chapters of  Win Your Defense Base Act Case.  

You will be able to download it on the following page, and it will also be emailed to your inbox for your convenience.

The first 5 chapters of the book will allow you to get started learning insider knowledge about the Defense Base Act. 

In order to get the rest of the free book you need to read below and find out how easy it is for you to claim your free copy. It's really easy and hassle free.


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And if you have any worries about sharing your personal information - we don't give out your contact information to anyone.  Your contact information is safe with us.


Why you need to claim your full book right now (and how it is so easy to claim your book)

As you just read, you can order the first five chapters now and we will email you the first five chapters of the book right now.  But, you really need to get the whole book.  This is a "real book."  We want to mail you your own copy of the book. 

We find that when folks have the paper version of the book - they read it and better learn the principals covered in the book. So we actually mail you the "real book."  You can underline it, use a highlighter, use post-it stickies and all the other stuff that we do when we read a book that helps us remember the important parts.

Claiming your free copy of the book Win Your Defense Base Act Case is easy.  All you need to do is to call 619-304-1000, and tell the person that answers your full name and shipping address. We promise you that we aren't going to try and sell you anything. Ever.  We just need your name and correct address so we can mail you your free copy of the entire book (again, this is a real book). We even pay for the shipping and handling. 

Our office is in San Diego at 7428 Trade Street, San Diego, California 92121.  We are right near Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego.  We are open from 8 am to 5 pm PST Monday through Friday (except for holidays).

If you reach us after hours, just leave your name and address on the recording.  We ask that you repeat your name and  address twice, to make sure that we get it correctly.  Please spell out any words that are not common or that you usually have to spell out for people.

We will send your book right out to you on the next business day.


Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for reading my website. The greatest pleasure I get is helping good people beat the Defense Base Act insurance companies.  It is painful when I see good people, with legitimate DBA claims fall for the tricks and traps of the insurance companies.

This is why I give away my book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case, for free.

I would really like to get your feedback on the book. If you like my book Win Your Defense Base Act Case, please leave a review on amazon.com. Good reviews help persuade new readers to give the book a try. I would greatly appreciate if you’d share your experience of reading the book by leaving your review on amazon.com.

Before we part, I’d like to thank you again for taking the time to read my website.


Bill Turley


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