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Tesla BuzzFeed Article

Posted on Feb 07, 2018

Tesla and BuzzFeed

Caroline O'Donovan from BuzzFeed News recently wrote an extensive article on the working conditions, hours, and wages of the Tesla Auto Factory based in Fremont, California. 

The reporter mostly focuses on the working conditions of the factory, Tesla's efforts to correct issues with pay, hours worked and conditions for their employees, and certain workers who have sustained work injuries and are attempting to receive workers' compensation.

Bill Turley was asked by BuzzFeed News to comment on the issues covered in the article, but offered little to no comment. Bill is not mentioned in the article.

We thought it may be an interesting read for some of our clients invloved with our Tesla Unpaid Wages lawsuit. As well as those struggling with workers' compensation cases. 

The link to the BuzzFeed article is provided HERE.


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