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Bill Turley helps the US Senate Commerce Committee

Posted on Jan 05, 2016

Bill was the only class action lawyer asked to draft proposed driver legislation.

United States Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee ask Bill Turley to draft proposed drivers wage legislation

Recently a bill called the Denham Amendment was introduced in Congress that would directly affect drivers across America. 

The Denham Amendment kept trucking companies from providing meal and rest breaks to drivers. With this amendment, employers would have to pay their drivers for all time worked pursuant to State law.

This bill not only resulted in the legalization of wage theft from drivers, but it also would have had a huge adverse effect on driver safety. It is well documented that driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of truck accidents in America. Reducing drivers' rest breaks and meal breaks is a huge public safety issue. The safety of your family and my family would have been at risk if this legislation were passed.

This legislation was supported by the American Trucking Association and just about every trucking company in America.


Bill Turley from The Turley Law Firm, PC was called on to help the Trial Lawyers and the Teamsters to block this legislation.

Bill was proud to have helped the Trial Lawyers and the Teamsters to defeat the Denham Amendment.  Together they were able to shut down this legislation.

"It was quite an experience to be asked to help draft proposed legislation by the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. There are obviously a lot of lawyers in America and for them to contact my firm and ask for our help is truly an honor." - Bill Turley

Bill continues to stand ready to help the Teamsters, Trial Lawyers and Congress in future legislative battles in order to protect the rights and safety of drivers and the public.


Not all lawyers are alike

Lawyers have far different expertise and experience in handling different legal matters. We are only telling you all of this so you know that Bill Turley has the experience, resources and skill to handle unpaid wages class action cases and Private Attorney General Act cases.  

We are not telling you all this to brag, but to let you know that Bill has the skill and resources needed to prevail in class action lawsuits and/or PAGA lawsuits.

All lawyers are not alike. Putting aside all of the awards and accolades - Bill is also known for being blunt and honest. 

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