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World Airways Defense Base Act Lawyer - Pilots, Flight Attendants, Aircraft Mechanics


World Airways Defense Base Act Lawyer - Pilots, Flight Attendants, Aircraft Mechanics and the Defense Base Act - DBA Lawyer - Bill Turley


World Airways Defense Base Act Lawyer - Pilots, Flight Attendants, Aircraft Mechanics and the Defense Base Act

Global Aviation Holdings Inc.is one of the world's largest air charter companies. Global Aviation provides passenger and cargo services around the globe through its two operating subsidiaries: World Airways and North American Airlines. Global Aviation Holdings Inc. is the parent company of North American Airlines and World Airways.

Global has been operating military charters for nearly 60 years. Global is the largest commercial provider of charter air transportation for the U.S. military,

Global Aviation Holdings is the organizer of the Alliance Team. Global Aviation Holdings announced new agreements with American Airlines, Inc. and US Airways, Inc. for the fiscal year 2013 charter airlift services contract from the U.S. Transportation Command  (USTRANSCOM), and an expected option year for fiscal 2014.  Global and the Alliance Team are part of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet.

World Airways, Inc. transports military personnel to and from Afghanistan and Iraq.  World Airways pilots and flight attendants are covered by the Defense Base Act. For example, we have seen flight attendants injured by broken food carts or falling down ramps to pilots that suffered back injuries by routine lifting.

In addition, there are aircraft mechanics and the like working aborad that are covered by the Defense Base Act.  These workers get injured by falling, lifting and the like.  All of these workers are covered by the Defense Base Act.

World Airways and the United States Department of Labor (USDOL)

According to the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) website, World Airways, Inc. has had 313 Defense Base Act claims. Which, in our experience is entirely misleading. From our vantage point it appears the USDOL has underestimated the number of DBA claims.  This is probably jointly shared by the USDOL and World Airways. Meaning, World Airways (like all DBA employers) severely under-reports DBA injuries and claims and the USDOL lets World Airways (as they do with all DBA employers) - get away with it.  We can’t “prove” this, of course, Simply our opinion, based upon what we see.


Based upon the cases that we see, World Airways’ Defense Base Act Insurance carrier is Ace American Insurance Co. 

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