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Have You Suffered a Sport Fishing Boat Injury? Keep reading.

Sportfishing is Dangerous

Sportfishing is all about fun and excitement. However, the fun and excitement can quickly turn to tragedy.  The sea can be a dangerous place to be. If you or a loved one was seriously injured or killed while on a sportfishing boat / fishing boat - then you will need a sportfishing injury lawyer/ fishing boat injury lawyer.

Injuries that occur on the open ocean or on navigable waters fall under maritime law. Maritime law is far different than State law. Maritime law or admiralty law is the law of the sea. Injuries or deaths that occur on the sea or on navigable waters fall under maritime law. Thus, you will need a sportfishing injury lawyer/ fishing boat injury lawyer.


Fishing Boat Passenger Injuries

Time and again we have seen dangerous conditions aboard these vessels cause serious injury and deaths. Under Maritime Law, the owner of a vessel owes a duty of reasonable care to all passengers. A ship owner owes the duty of exercising reasonable care toward those lawfully aboard the vessel who are not members of the crew. What constitutes reasonable care depends on the circumstances of each individual case.


Crew Member Injuries/ Fishing Boat Jones Act Injuries

Sportfishing crew members injured while in the service of their vessel are considered Jones Act seamen and any injuries sustained while working on the commercial fishing vessels are covered by maritime law. You are entitled to bring a claim under unseaworthiness or Jones Act negligence.  You are also entitled to maintenance and cure.

Seaman have the most powerful rights and remedies of any workers in America.  Because Seaman work at the mercy of the vessel - Seaman have the right to sue their employers and the vessel in civil court.  Seaman have the right to maintenance and cure, past wage loss, future wage loss, future medical treatment, pain and suffering damages and loss of enjoyment of life damages. 



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