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Time Shaving: Stealing Your Wages With Timekeeping Systems

I don't have to tell you that not getting paid for all the time that you work sucks. It's tough enough to make ends meet when the company pays you all the wages you are owed. When  the company doesn't pay you all the wages you are owed, it's time to lawyer up. Find out what you can do about it. 

Time Shaving Lawyer California Wage And Hour Attorney


What is time shaving?

Time shaving is when supervisors and managers deduct time from your time-keeping records.  It can be 5 minutes here, ten minutes there. But it can also be a deduction of hours from your time-keeping records during a pay period. 

Time shaving is all too common in many industries. Time shaving is rampant across America and California today.

In essence, it means to "shave" or deduct time from the time that you actually worked.


Using Computers To Shave Time and Steal Money From Workers

In the punch-card era, managers and supervisors had to conspire with payroll clerks or accountants in order to manipulate payroll records. That is not the case today.  With computerized timekeeping systems it is extremely easy for supervisors and managers to doctor timekeeping records.  According to compensation experts, now it is far easier for individual managers to accomplish this secretly with computers.  

Illegal doctoring of hourly employees' time records is far more prevalent than most folks believe. Time shaving is done easily.  With today’s technology, time shaving is very hard to detect -- a simple matter of computer keystrokes. Today it oftentimes takes forensic payroll experts to detect time shaving.  Most workers in America today have no idea that the company is systematically stealing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars from them each year.

When we receive time-keeping records we can usually spot it right away when we do one of our patented confidential, free, no obligation unpaid wages analysis. 

In today’s corporate culture it is all about quarterly earnings.  According to management and compensation experts there are a lot of incentives for managers and supervisors to cut costs in illegal ways. These illegal practices become ingrained and are practiced uniformly in these companies.  The incentives to cuts costs and raise profits results in managers and supervisors time shaving and conducting other illegal wage practices in order to meet bottom lines.

Lower management and middle management shave time based upon the pressure placed on them by upper management to minimize costs and maximize profits.     

According to management and compensation experts another reason why managers and supervisors shave time is that the companies institute bonus systems that tie bonuses into minimizing costs and/or maximizing profits. The company places pressure on the managers and supervisors to control costs and improve productivity. The manipulation of timekeeping records to shave time and other illegal wage and hour practices is a direct consequence of companies increasing emphasis on bonuses.


How I win time shaving cases

My name is Bill Turley.  I am a wage and hour class action lawyer. I use a recent California Supreme Court case - Brinker vs. Superior Court to win wage and hour class action cases. In the Brinker case, the California Supreme Court laid out the duties of companies have to pay wages to workers. I know the Brinker case real well - because I represented the workers in the Brinker case.

I've been doing this a long time. When we do one of our patented confidential, free, no obligation unpaid wages analysis - - we can usually catch the company red handed.  Which is what you are going to need - is proof that the company is shaving your wages and/or not paying you all the hard earned wages that you are owed. 

If the company shaves your time, chances are they are shaving the time of the other workers also.  The best way to stand up and fight the company is to bring a time shaving class action lawsuit against the company.  

But, first, you are going to need evidence. That is why I recommend that you sign up for a confidential, free, no obligation unpaid wages analysis. 

Unlike most Super Lawyers, I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth.  My Dad drove a bread truck.  I know how hard it is to make ends meet even when you are paid all the money that you work hard for.  It is especially tough when the company is using time shaving to steal your wages.

You don't have to go this alone. 


Bill Turley is regularly asked to testify about unpaid wages legislation

before the California State Senate and California State Assembly 

Time shaving - how companies steal your wages - shaving your time

Make sure you get your confidential, free, no obligation unpaid wages analysis

This is by far the best way for you to determine whether your time has been shaved, whether you are owed unpaid wages and how much unpaid wages your are owed by your former employer and/or current employer. 

Why I offer workers a confidential, free, no obligation unpaid wages analysis
If you follow me at all, you’ll know that I’m all about telling like it is. Believe it or not, I’m know for being straight up. It’s why I’m the go-to guy in Sacramento on wage and hour law. I’m the wage and hour class action lawyer that is regularly asked to testify before the California State Senate and the California State Assembly on wage legislation.  The reason I’m always asked to testify is that I’m going to give it to them straight. No B.S.
I tell people what they need to hear - not what they want to hear. So here I go again. This isn’t going to be popular.  But here is the reason why I offer workers a confidential, free, no obligation unpaid wages analysis.


Most lawyers that you are thinking about hiring - don't really know how to conduct an unpaid wages analysis

I know this because I see other lawyers screw these cases up all the time. I know this isn’t popular to say - but it’s the truth. They may have fancy websites, they might talk a good game - - but at the end of the day - they just aren’t that good and many are down-right bad. Even terrible. 
So my best advice to you is that if you suspect that you haven’t been paid all the wages that you are owed under California law, that you avail yourself of our confidential, free, no obligation unpaid wages analysis.

Happy clients with their settlement checks
What makes this all worthwhile - when employees receive their checks for unpaid wages!

Here are some of the popular timekeeping systems:

Acrotime from Acroprint, Buddy Punch, Clockspot, ClockVIEW from Acumen, EPAY Systems, Kronos' Workforce Ready, myGeoTracking from Abaqus, NovaTime, stratustime from nettime solutions, TimeAttend from Replicon, TimeClick from Hawkeye Technology, TimeClock Plus, TimeForce from Infinisource, Timesheets.com, TimeStar from Insperity, TSheets, uAttend from Processing Point and Webtimeclock.
ADP, Acumen's Clockview, Kronos, Beebole, Boomr, Buddy Punch, Insperity, Mitrefinch, Novatime, JIRA, TSheets, Fleet Manager and many more.
No matter which timekeeping system is used, an analysis of the change reports or the deletion of time from workers is always captured by the software. COmputers always leave trails/ evidence.  You just need to know how to follow the electronic trail. 

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