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Navigable Waters of the United States in California

Navigable Waters of The United States in California

Many lawyers want to give confusing definitions of navigable waters. You don't need to go there. It's simple. If you can drive a boat from the location to the open ocean, then it is navigable waters of the United States. If you can drive a boat from one State to another State - then you are in navigable waters of the United States.

Examples of navigable waters of the United States in California:

San Diego Harbor
Los Angeles Harbor
San Francisco Harbor
Newport Harbor
Oceanside Harbor
Dana Point Harbor
Port Hueneme
Avalon Harbor
Pillar Point Harbor
Sacramento River
Colorado River
Lake Tahoe
Lake Havasu
Bodega Bay
Half Moon Bay
Stockton Channel
Long Beach Harbor
Marina del Rey
Santa Barbara Harbor
Santa Cruz
Sausalito Marina
Vallejo Marina
Ventura Harbor
Feather River
Wilmington Harbor


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Getting the fair compensation you deserve under maritime laws almost always requires the help of an experienced maritime  attorney.  Our job is to apply the law to the facts of your case, stop the insurance company from getting away with their shenanigans and fight for you every step of the way to make sure you get every dime you are entitled to under maritime  law.


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