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What To Do After Being Injured at Walmart?

Picking the Best Lawyer for Your Walmart Injury Case

We know how difficult it is for injured consumers to determine who is the best lawyer for their Walmart injury case.  Thus, we don’t make you rely on what we say about ourselves. Instead, you can judge us based upon what other people say about us. 

We don’t mean to suggest the only way someone can be a really good Walmart Accident Lawyer is to have fantastic ratings, get great reviews, win prestigious lawyer awards, be asked to teach other lawyers at lawyer seminars and be elected to lead lawyer organizations. What these things do mean is that people that do know good lawyers from bad lawyers have chosen us for these honors.

Walmart is the world’s largest retail corporation. The company uses competitive prices and marketing to squeeze out local retailers across the country.  Consumers shop at Walmart because of their prices, selection and locations.  Each year Walmart makes billions of dollars.  However, there is also another part to this story. Each year thousands of people are injured in Walmart stores and/or by products sold at Walmart. 

Walmart has an army of claims handlers and lawyers that are paid to deny Walmart injury claims.  The Walmart injury claims are as varied as slip and falls, trip and falls, merchandise falling onto customers and defective dangerous products.

When Walmart employees fail to keep the stores safe and fail to properly screen and test products - consumers are injured. In our experience, these injuries can be life altering.  If this happens to you or to a family member, we can help.  We have taken on Walmart and beaten them before. We can help you beat them also.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a Walmart store or by a product purchased from Walmart, our experienced Walmart injury attorneys can help you receive the compensation you deserve and are entitled to under the law.


What do I do if I am injured at Walmart?

If you are injured at Walmart or by a Walmart product: 

  • Do not sign anything!
  • DO not give a written or recorded statement.
  • Never sign any authorizations


Types of Walmart Injuries 

There are so many different ways persons are injured at Walmart. Here is a list of some of the most common examples:

Trip and Falls 

  • Merchandise in walkways
  • Boxes in aisles
  • Strapping tape left on the floor.
  • Holes in the parking lot
  • Uneven sidewalks outside the store
  • Frayed carpeting

Slip and Falls

  • Produce on the floor
  • Wet floors
  • Freshly waxed floors
  • Hangers left on the floor
  • Merchandise on the floor

Injuries From Things Falling 

  • Merchandise falling from shelves
  • Displays falling over
  • Racks falling or collapsing

Employee Negligence 

  • Hit by shopping carts
  • Items dropped or knocked over by employees
  • Employees not paying attention to what they are doing

Product Liability

  • Injuries by defective products from Walmart
  • Injuries in store by display products
  • Cheap Chinese Products
  • Products designed unsafely
  • Products manufactured unsafely
  • Products with defective warnings or use instructions

Walmart Third Party Work Injuries

  • Delivery drivers injured at Walmart
  • Slip and falls in the loading dock areas
  • Walmart employees injuring workers
  • Contractors injured while working at Walmart


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