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Must-Read DBA Article for Every Vinnel Arabia Employee

"All necessary truth is its own evidence."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Vinnell Arabia and the DBA

If you are working for Vinnell Arabia then you probably a “highly qualified former U.S. military and other U.S. government agency personnel”. Or you one of the Saudi nationals that make of half of the “over 1250 highly experienced employees” who are stationed throughout Saudi Arabia. This means you are probably covered by the Defense Base Act. Which in the event of an injury or death while working abroad offers you and your family monetary and medical benefits. **

** You do not have to be a U.S. citizen to receive these benefits under the Defense Base Act.


The DBA Law System

The DBA law system can be pretty intense with a bunch of obstacles and unexpected twists and turns. That’s why I strongly recommend you get yourself a DBA expert to represent you and your DBA claim.

You do not want someone that know just as much about the DBA law system as you do representing and learning on the job. This will have one of the two poor results: 1. The lawyer will get overwhelmed and lose your case. 2. The lawyer will settle for much less than you and your family deserve.

I don’t like to see either of these two outcomes become a reality. Which, again, I strongly suggest you put in the time and research the best DBA lawyer you can find. And once you find them hire them. Even if you haven’t filed your DBA claim, hire them as soon as you think you have a DBA claim on your hands.

You can learn more about the DBA law system and how to navigate its waters with my book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case. Available here on Amazon for $16.95 or FREE here.

You have to ask yourself

Here is one question that I suggest you ask: Do I want a Defense Base Act Lawyer that is going to blow smoke up my skirt or do I want a DBA attorney that is going to give it to me straight-up, every time


Win with Integrity

Sometimes when men and women get frustrated with the DBA law system and are in pain from their injury abroad or are stressed about their financial situation as they await to be awarded their DBA benefits they can make one big mistake that will cost them their case.

This common mistake is to exaggerate or fabricate any detail of their DBA case. This will lose your case.

My father used to say that you can’t guarantee much in life except for death and taxes and I usually agree with that. But I am telling you now, I can guarantee that you will lose your case if you lie or dramatize any aspect of your DBA case.

So, you have to be completely honest about every detail. This means you have to be careful about what you do in front of or say to anyone. This includes your kids, your spouse, your lawyer, the DBA insurance adjuster and most importantly the judge. So, it’s just easier for you if you are completely honest and it will be easier for your lawyer to help you win your DBA case.

Learn more here about winning your DBA case with integrity.


Why am I telling you all this?

I am telling you this ‘cause I don’t like to see good people get cheated by the DBA insurance companies. I hate watching them make money while you and your family, the real victims, suffer for it. I hate it.

So here I am offering you the resources it will take for you to find success in court. One of them is a FREE book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case, that has plenty of 5 Star Reviews on Amazon from folks just like you.

The other is the Turley and Mara website with its pages and pages of “no-nonsense” content that gives you the answers you need now to build up your case and win the benefits that you and your loved ones are entitled to.

So, if you take nothing from this article, take these free resources and use them to your advantage. ‘Cause there’s no such thing as being “too prepared”.


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