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Defense Base Act Law: What to do When You are Injured at Work

1st: Get emergency medical treatment. 

2nd: In an emergency or if you are unable to contact your employer, go to the nearest hospital or physician, but be sure to let your employer know as soon as possible.*

3rd: NOTIFY YOUR EMPLOYER IMMEDIATELY. It doesn’t have to be all fancy.  You can report your injury verbally.  But you should always provide written verification by sending out an email. Be sure to send a copy to yourself, so you can later prove you sent the email.

*If the treatment is not emergency in nature, you will have to notify your employer before you receive the treatment.  If you are still abroad this is not a huge issue.

Once you return home, it is necessary to provide notice to the DBA insurance company before you receive medical treatment. Then it's time to study, research and lawyer up.



You are about to go to war with the DBA insurance companies. Now, they're already prepared and ready to win, which means you're already at a disadvantage. So be prepared too and start off with the basics. Check out our website for the most comprehensive and easy-to-read information regarding the Defense Base Act. 

Next get your FREE copy of my book: Win Your Defense Base Act Case. This book delves deeper into what you need to do and understand in order to win for you DBA case. 


You can also check out my podcast at DBAradio.com as a great resource for all things DBA.



Now that you have some of the basics of the Defense Base Act down you need an expert to guide and support through the difficult and complex process that is ahead of you. You need a lawyer that specializes in DBA case and has the experience and skill set to win your DBA case. They need to be honest, transparent and ready to win. That's the only way you're going to win your case, you must have that kind of DBA lawyer on your side.

This kind of expert lawyer might not be located in Vermont and that's ok.

Here's why: The Defense Base Act is federal law, which means any lawyer in the U.S. can represent you. In fact, you don't even need a lawyer to represent you with a DBA case. Your great aunt Judy can represent you and your case and she might do just as good of a job as a local lawyer with no DBA experience. 

But here's the deal, whether you are in Burlington, Essex, Bennington or St. Albans, you are going to need that top-notch lawyer and you're going to have to do some research to find the best lawyer for you.

The Turley and Mara Law Firm is based out of San Diego and that's the best thing for your DBA case.

Being from San Diego has allowed me to handle DBA cases longer than my competitors. In fact, I've been doing this since 1987. This is because The Defense Base Act falls under the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act. With San Diego having the largest shipyard on the west coast with thousands of shipyard workers, I was able valuable experience with Longshore Act cases long before the United States sent civilian workers to Iraq and Afghanistan. 

When injured civilian workers began coming home to San Diego they were referred to me and my firm for help. Now the Turley and Mara Law Firm is one of the top two firms that handles DBA cases from all over the world. My firm has expanded to offices up the Californian coast and takes on clients from anywhere and everywhere. 

Check out this article for more ideas on what to look for when looking for representation. 

Lawyer Up:

It's time to take action. If your Defense Base Act medical benefits or workers' compensation (TTD checks) have been cut off or denied it's time for you to study, research, and lawyer up. Winning this case could be integral to the survival of you and your family's future. Which means you and you case can't wait a minute. I know this.

What I also know is that in order to win your case you're going to have to be completely honest with yourself, your lawyer and the judge. I know that sounds simple but it can get complicated with all the small details that the DBA insurance companies are going to dig up to make you look like a liar or that you don't even know your own case. It happens time and time again. 

Check out this article to find out more about how you win with the truth.

This, again, means that you are going to need a guide to follow to make sure you avoid the traps and obstacles the DBA insurance companies are going to lay out for you. This means you're going to need the best DBA lawyer you can find, whether they're in Vermont or not.

If you're looking for more info on us, great! That's part of the research process, check out what these folks have to say about The Turley and Mara Law Firm:

Awarded Super Lawyer 2011-2018

Highest Rated DBA Lawyer on San Francisco Avvo.com AND San Diego Avvo.com Rating

Invited to Speak on the Longshore Act / Defense Base Act at 2011 Maritime Personal Injury Seminar

New York Times 2011 Top Attorney

Elected President of the Consumer Attorneys


Time to act!

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