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If you have been injured while working overseas for USA Environment this is a must read

"Everything you add to the truth subtracts from the truth." - Alexander Solzhenistsyn


“Safety is Our #1 Priority”

On the “About Us” page under the section of “Safety and Quality” on the USA Environmental website it reads: “USA has an open-door policy that all personnel can use to voice safety concerns; requires that all employees be committed to performing work in accordance with safe work practices; and has empowered all employees to stop work, without retribution, to voice safety concerns or issues.

I don’t doubt this is all very true. But I do doubt that no one ever gets hurts working overseas for USA Environmental. Because let’s be real accidents happen no matter how much you prepare or train for them. They still happen and people still get hurt.



That’s where I come in

The Turley Law Firm PC represents workers, like you, who have been injured overseas that are covered by the Defense Base Act. The Defense Base Act protects the interests of injured civilian contractors who were working abroad. It provides financial and medical benefits that can mean the difference between a bright and bleak future for workers in the same situation as you.


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At the Turley Law Firm PC, we believe that our clients should be as prepared as we are to win our DBA cases. This is why we provide FREE access to multiple resources so they understand what is happening with their case and how to present their DBA claim in the most effective way possible.

One of these resources is “Win Your Defense Base Act Case”, which you can get for FREE here too. This is the ultimate guide to how to win your DBA case and side-step the traps put out there by the DBA insurance companies.

The other resource is the Turley Law Firm Website, which is considered the most comprehensive DBA website on the market. It covers everything from how to deal with DBA insurance adjuster to how to talk to your doctor about your injury to how to pick out your representation.


How We Win

It’s really simple, so simple you might laugh. We have our clients always tell the truth about everything, all the time. DBA cases are won based on one thing only and that one thing is whether or not the judge believes you. If the judge thinks you’re lying about or dramatizing any aspect of your case, your case is over. Dead. Done. Over.

After doing this for 25 years we know that building up our clients’ credibility is the only way we’re going to win any DBA case. So that’s what we do we make sure that our clients remain honest, always.

In return, we stay honest with them. We tell them how it is when it comes to your case. We don’t beat around the bush or give you the hard truth with a side of sugar. We tell it to you the way it is.



If you have any questions about how the Turley Law Firm PC finds success,

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