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Trident Seafoods Injury Claims - Injured on a Trident Vessel?




Trident Seafoods

Trident Seafoods is the largest fishing company in Alaska. Trident Seafoods has over 4,000 workers aboard Trident vessels each year. Trident's fishing fleet includes factory trawlers, crab boats, tenders, and fish processors. If you or a family member were seriously injured on a Trident vessel or injured on an Alaska fishing vessel, then you should read this article. It may mean the difference in your case.


Alaska Fishing

Each season, crew members working on Alaska fishing vessels are seriously injured and killed. Many of these deaths and/or injuries are caused by negligence or unseaworthiness. These workers are Seaman and are eligible for Seaman's benefits and/or Jones Act benefits.

If your Alaska fishing accident was caused by negligence or unseaworthiness, you are probably entitled to damages for lost wages, lost earning capacity, past and future pain and suffering, disability and disfigurement, and medical treatment. A crew member is entitled to receive maintenance, cure, and unearned wages.

You can also choose your own doctor for treatment, and should receive a daily maintenance allowance until you have reached maximum medical improvement.


Alaska Fish Processors from California

Many of the big Alaska Fish Processing Companies regularly recruit workers from California to work on Alaska Fish Processing Vessels. When they get seriously hurt, they get shipped home. When the injury is serious, what should they do?

We recommend they call us. Many times, we can bring claims for Alaska fish processors in California State Court. Flying back and forth to Alaska can really add up the costs of a lawsuit. When you bring your case in California State Court, you in effect, level the playing field between you and the insurance company.

The last thing the insurance company wants you to do is file your claim in California State Court.

By doing so, you are taking away the fish processing companies big advantage, which is making you file a claim in Alaska. Thus, if you are from California and you were injured on an Alaska fish processor vessel you should get Californian representation. If you call an Alaska attorney they are most likely going to file your claim in Alaska. If you hire a Washington lawyer, they most likely are going to try and file your claim in Washington.

And if you hire us we'll bring your case back home, where it's meant to be. 


Trident Fishing and Processing Fleet

The following is a list of the vessels in the Trident Seafoods Fleet.

Trident Factory Crawler Vessels

The Trident trawl catcher processor fleet has 3 vessels ranging in size from 270 to 300 ft. These Trident Seafoods vessels operate in the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands, Washington and Oregon with the majority of the harvesting operations taking place in the Bering Sea.

Vessel Names:

Island Enterprise
Kodiak Enterprise
Seattle Enterprise

Processor Vessels

The Aleutian Falcon and Pribilof are processing vessels in the 210' to 230' range. The primary products for these vessels is herring and salmon, both in Bristol Bay and SE Alaska. Most of their season is April through August.

Vessel Names:

Aleutian Falcon


Trawl Catcher Vessels

The Trident trawl catcher vessel fleet is comprised of 11 vessels ranging in size from 100 to 165 ft. These vessels operate in the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands and Gulf of Alaska with the majority of the harvesting operations taking place in the Bering Sea. They fish in the late winter and in the summer months.

Vessel Names:

Arctic Ram
Golden Dawn
Marcy J
Northern Patriot
Northern Ram
Pacific Ram
Pacific Viking
Viking Explorer

Crab Catcher Vessels

The Trident crab catcher vessel fleet has 5 vessels ranging in size from 108 to 144 ft. These vessels spend the majority of their fishing time in the Bering Sea. They fish from late fall through the winter months.

Vessel Names:

Barbara J
Farwest Leader
Royal Viking
Southern Wind

Freighter Vessels

Vessel Names:

Eastern Wind
Sea Trader

Tender Vessels

Vessel  Names:

Cape Calm
Cape St. John
Entrance Point
Four Daughters
Hallo Bay
Last Frontier
Wide Bay


Forum Selection Clauses

At times, lawsuits and claims must be filed where the incident occurred or, for example, pursuant to a forum selection clause, in cities far removed from where the claimant resides. Thus, we accept cases with clients that live all over America and the world. The Turley Law Firm, PC has a world-wide practice.

Sometimes seaman may get injured in another State and there is a forum selection clause which states the lawsuit must be filed in California. In these instances, we may represent Seaman and crewmembers that come from states and/or ports very distant from California.

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So this is what we offer here: If you have a legal question about the Jones Act, Seaman Injuries or maritime law, and you want our advice, we will answer the question for free. With no obligation. *

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