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Trench Accidents & Protection Systems For Trenches



Trench Accidents

Trenching or building trenches is recognized as one of the most hazardous construction operations. If you or a family member have been seriously injured in a trench accident you are probably concerned about your family’s future. 

The first thing you need to know about trench accidents is that they are always preventable. Usually, the workers that are injured or killed are not responsible for trench safety. Almost always, these tragedies are linked back to poor safety and management practices.

The primary hazard of trenching and excavation is employee injury from collapse. Soil analysis is important in order to determine appropriate sloping, benching, and shoring.
The following is a list of protection systems for trenches which should be implemented in order to prevent trench collapses.  If the companies involved with your trench collapse case failed to take these protective measures then there is a good potential for establishing liability.

Examples of the protective systems for trenches are:

    a.     Slope or bench trench walls for stability
    b.     Cut to create stepped benched grades
    c.     Support walls by a system made with posts, beams, shores or planking and hydraulic jacks
    d.     Provide safe trench access through the use of ladders, ramps or stairways.


Here are additional measures, if not taken, which result in trench accidents:

    a.     Not providing support walls by a trench box
    b.     Not knowing where underground utilities are prior to digging     
    c.     Not keeping heavy equipment away from trench edges     
    d.     Failure to keep excavated or other materials at least two feet back from the edge of the trench     
    e.     Not providing a safe means of egress shall be provided within 25 feet of workers in a trench


The Next Step

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