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Massachusetts DBA lawyer Protects the Rights of Those Covered by the DBA

Massachusetts DBA lawyer Protects the Rights of Those Covered by the DBA

“I give you an insider’s view of Defense Base Act Law, with no sugar coating. No lawyer talk, no double talk. Ever."
Defense Base Act Lawyer Bill Turley


The DBA Insurance Company is The Enemy

Don’t get it wrong. The DBA insurance company, their lawyers and the adjuster are not your friends, no matter how friendly or helpful they might seem. They don’t want you to win your case. If you lose they make a lot of money. When there is that much money at stake you and your family’s well-beings and future is of very little importance.

So, keep this in mind with every step in your case. They are going to do everything in their power to make sure you lose. This includes two big traps: Suggesting you an inexperienced attorney and making sure you’re ill-prepared to tell the complete truth with your case.

Find out more, here, about how to deal with the insurance adjuster.


Hiring an Inexperienced Attorney

Like I said the DBA insurance company wants you to lose which means they want you to hire an inexperienced lawyer who doesn’t really know much about the DBA. This happens all the time. This will usually result in that lawyer getting overwhelmed, settling for much less than you deserve or simply losing your case. You deserve better than this result.

Hiring a specialized DBA lawyer will be the first step you need to take in order to win your case. Your first step is probably going to be trying to find a DBA lawyer in Massachusetts. But know this: You are likely not going to find a highly-experienced DBA attorney located in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, or Quincy.

You may have to look outside your state lines in order to find the best possible DBA lawyer for you. And that’s ok. After all the Defense Base Act is under federal law which means that anyone from anywhere in the U.S. can represent you. So, don’t limit yourself to the best lawyers in Massachusetts ‘cause they probably don’t know what it will take to win your DBA case.

Find out more here about what to look for when hiring the right attorney for you.


Prepare to Be Honest

Being completely honest with the details of your case seems simple, more than that, it seems like common sense. But the thing is the DBA insurance company, like I said before, has a lot to gain from you losing your case. This means they are going to try everything they can to make you out to be a liar.

They know that your credibility determines whether or not you win your case. So stay a step ahead and be prepared to avoid their traps so you can stay as honest as possible in front of the judge.

Find out more here about how to win with the truth.



The first step is learning about the DBA. The next step is learning what kind of evidence you need to gather, what details you need to know, what exactly you need to say. The third step is knowing what obstacles to jump over and what hoops you need to jump through. You can do all these steps in one “go” by reading my book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case. You can order it here for FREE. I’ll even pay the shipping and handling.

You can go even further by exploring the Turley Law Firm PC’s website that is filled with tons of DBA content.

There is also DBAradio, an online podcast that covers everything you need to know about the DBA.

Why am I giving you these tips?

Look, I hate seeing good, hard-working folks, like you get screwed over by the big DBA insurance companies. You have already been injured, you are already in pain, you are already scared about your economic future. This battle against the DBA insurance company isn’t one you asked for. So, I want to make this process go as fluidly and as quickly as possible for you and your family.

The Turley Law Firm PC is one of the top two leading DBA law firms in the world. We have been representing severely injured contractors for 25 years.

So even if you don’t hire my firm as your representation you are still going to need guidance and resources in order to win your case. We have that guidance and those resources.

Pick up your FREE copy of Win Your Defense Base Act Case here and start studying.


If you have any questions about the Defense Base Act and the actions you need to take in regard to your DBA case,

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