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Taco Bell Human Resources Department Blames The Victims

Sexual Harassment & Taco Bell

Sexual harassment on any level is plain wrong. When victims step forward it is difficult enough when the company they work for takes all the appropriate steps in providing support and counseling for the victims of sexual discrimination.  Even when the company is extremely supportive and understanding, victims of sexual discrimination often must deal with feelings of helplessness and despair.  Family’s can be torn apart.  Victims often feel needless guilt, self-doubt, recriminations and the like.

Sexual Harassment, Fondling, & Penis Exposure

Our Taco Bell Sexual Harassment Lawyers are currently investigating allegations of sexual abuse at Taco Bell restaurants.  Unfortunately what we have heard from the victims is very, very disturbing.  It is our understanding the multiple victims have had the courage to bring to the attention of the Taco Bell Human Resources Department harrowing accounts.  Victim after victim has stepped forward to report a supervisor fondling of their breasts, lewd comments and exposing his penis.  

It is also our understanding that Taco Bell’s HR Departments response has been quite literally unbelievable.  Instead of providing counseling and support for the victims,  Taco Bell Irvine’s HR Department wrote the victims up for violations of Taco Bell’s confidentiality rules.  That’s right. The Taco Bell HR department threatened the employees with termination if they told anyone else about the molestations / sexual batteries.   Based upon these accounts it  certainly appears that Taco Bell is in need of a serious attitude adjustment.

Have you been a victim of sexual abuse/ harassment at Taco Bell?  If so, we can help. Our Taco Bell Sexual Harassment Lawyers can help you get counseling and help you to get on the road to recovery. You may be entitled to significant legal compensation.

It appears that the real villain in all of this is the Taco Bell Human Resources Department.  


What is really going on?

HR Departments  don’t make money for the company. In tough times, HR Departments are the first to cut back.  Is Taco Bell like many companies that only have an HR department because they were told by some lawyer that they need the HR department in case they get sued for sexual harassment?  How much time does the Taco Bell HR Department actually spend on sexual harassment prevention, training and investigation?

Our Taco Bell Sexual Harassment Lawyers can help you get your life back.

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