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Working overseas for SoSi has its dangers. Make sure you are protected by the DBA.

“All necessary truth is its own evidence.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


SOSi has been growing since it started as a language company in 1989, branching off to include services dealing with “intelligence analysis and training, information technology and systems engineering, language and cultural analysis, base operations support, engineering, procurement and construction, operations and maintenance, and security assessment and training”. Since then it has become “one of the largest providers of cleared linguists in the federal government contracting industry” and has over 600 employees.

This all sounds great and I don’t doubt any of it. But as you get closer to the actual job openings, like this Broadcast Editor position in Afghanistan, it can be hard to look past the work environment description at the bottom. It is described as a “conflict zone” with “extended periods of high pressure and stress”. That kind of working environment can have a negative effect on your health. And a once exciting opportunity can turn into your own personal tragedy.



The Defense Base Act (DBA) protects the interests of civilian contractors who work for private companies in the case they are injured while employed overseas. This means that if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you are sent home because of a work-related injury and can’t find another job that makes you the same kind of money you’re used to than you are covered by the DBA.


Building Your DBA Case.

When you have a DBA claim on your hands the first thing you are going to have to do is find a lawyer. Yah, that’s right even before you file your claim to the Department of Labor get a DBA expert on your side. This will give you an existing advantage when you have to go up against the big DBA insurance companies and their lawyers, who are already DBA experts, in court.

The next step will be to build your case based on a solid, honest foundation. This means being honest about everything related to your DBA case. Every detail. I cannot emphasize this enough. Being honest is the only way you are going to win your DBA case.

This is because DBA cases are won based on whether or not the Judge believes anything you’re presenting. It’s just how it goes. Trust me I’ve been doing this for 25 years. I’ve seen it all.

After crafting that foundation for you case based on the truth, it is time to start building your case up. This is done through extensive research on what to do and what not to do with your DBA case. Where do you find the resources? The answer is here. Right on this page.

Win Your Defense Base Act Case is the single best resource you are going to find on the DBA law system. It breaks down exactly what you need to do help your lawyer win your case in single bullet points. It sticks to the stuff you absolutely need and trims off the B.S.

The Turley Law Firm website is also a great resource. It goes more in depth and answers specific questions you might have about the Defense Base Act law system and your case.


Like this article answers the top 10 most common DBA questions.


Or this blog post that covers the basics of the Department of Labor.


Or this video that educates you on the nature and extent of disability.


Or this page that lets you order Win Your Defense Base Act Case for FREE.


With these resources, a great DBA lawyer and the truth on your team you have all the tools you need to win your Defense Base Act case. Now it is time to be proactive and use them.

Good Luck! 

William Turley
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