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Injured while working for SOC overseas? This is the DBA “must-read” for you.

“If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.” – Albert Einstein



What Being an SOC Employee Means:

“Our culture celebrates accountability and motivates employees at all levels to maintain occupational safety and health as our most important value.” I have no doubt that this is true but with more than 5000 employees whose job is to keep SOC clients safe, someone is likely to put their health at risk at some point.  

However, this is why insurance is offered by the Defense Base Act, in case an overseas civilian contractor gets injured on the job. But getting these benefits isn’t always “a walk in the park”. It requires time, expertise, resources, preparation and the truth.

The first concern when folks pursue a DBA claim is money. What are you supposed to do while you’re waiting for you DBA benefits to kick in? What if you can’t make the same kind of money you were making at SOC? What if you can’t make any money at all? How are you supposed to pay for an attorney?


First thing’s first:

You should not have to pay for attorney fees. Attorney fees will and should usually be paid by the DBA insurance companies. When the case is settled the attorney fees will either come out of the settlement money or be added to the settlement sum so you don’t have to pay a dime. Now you can cross that off your list of things to worry about.


Second thing’s second:

You will win your DBA case if you are telling the truth. DBA cases are won based on whether or not the judge believes you and your claim. It is as plain and easy as that.

It is tempting to fluff up your claim with extra details and dramatization. I know you’re upset, you’re in pain and you think this is going to help you win your case. Let me tell you now that it won’t. In fact, it will do the opposite. Lying or exaggerating or fluffing of any kind will lose you your case. No one wants to help out a liar. The judge is no exception. You can count on that. 

But I have found that the truth is never simple. In order to remain as honest as possible with your case you are going to have to be as prepared as possible. You are going to have to not only know your case backwards and front but also be ready for any kind of question or concern the DBA insurance company and their lawyers throw at you.

You can prepare for your case by studying and utilizing the resources available to you.

“Win Your Defense Base Act Case” is a great book for any civilian contractor who has been injured overseas. You can see the other people it has helped that have stood in your shoes on Amazon, here.

You can order it for FREE here.

The Turley and Mara website is also a great resource as it covers everything from eye and ear injuries, brain injuries, the basics of the Department of Labor to preparing for a deposition.


And if you have any questions on anything you have read here or in any of our resources

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