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This is the DBA Article for Any Employee Injured Working for Shield Overseas

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Working Overseas for Shield Security Services

When you are working at Shield Security Services, your client and their safety is your number one priority. It even says so in the “About US” section of the Shield Security Services page, “At Shield Security Services ‘Your Safety is Our Specialty’.” But who is looking out for your safety? Who is going to give you the financial and medical support that you need after you have experienced and injury overseas during work hours?

The Defense Base Act covers these type of injuries and people like you. If you do get injured while working for Shield Security Services abroad then you may be awarded financial and medical benefits to help you pay your bills and speed up your recovery.


An Uphill Battle

Getting these DBA benefits can be an uphill battle. You will have to avoid all the traps that the DBA insurance companies have put out for you to fall in in order to win.

To find out exactly what these traps are and where they are commonly placed read “Win Your Defense Base Act Case”. The ultimate guide to winning your DBA case as an injured overseas civilian contractor.

You can pick up your copy here for FREE.

You can also find out more about the DBA Insurance companies and the tricks they have up their sleeves with the Turley Law Firm website. It covers everything you need to know about the Defense Base Act, the DBA insurance adjusters, doctors, evidence for your case, etc.

You have questions this site has all the answers.


Winning with the Truth

The one thing you are going to need to win your DBA case is candor. You are going to need to be as honest as possible with your DBA case. This is because DBA cases are won based on credibility. If the judge doesn’t believe you, you are going to lose your case. Plain and simple.

This is where good, honest folk fall into another DBA insurance trap. Even the person with the highest level of integrity can be tempted to exaggerate or dramatize their DBA claim because they think it can end this process sooner and get their benefits to them faster.

Don’t fall into this trap. The DBA insurance company and their lawyers are experts on the DBA law system. They know that the truth wins DBA cases and they will try everything in their power to make you look like a liar in front of the judge.

So be prepared for whatever they throw at you and get your FREE copy of “Win Your Defense Base Act Case”. If you don’t think it will help you out, check out these great reviews from folks that this book has helped win their DBA cases.


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