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The Must-Read DBA Article for Injured Overseas SENTEL Employees

“An honest man’s the noblest work of God.” – Alexander Pope


Stay True

Integrity and honesty are some of the best traits found in people. This is true in every situation. But it is especially true in dealing with your Defense Base Act case. At the end of the day no one wants to help out a liar. This is true for you, for me and the judge. You are going to lose your DBA case if the judge thinks you are purposefully lying, fudging or hiding any detail relevant to your DBA case.

Like I said no one want to help out a liar. So, don’t be one.


How to Stay True

Being honest with everything related to your DBA case with everyone you interact with can be more challenging than it sounds. It may sound crazy but it happens all the time. People think that exaggerating details or dramatizing their injury will help them win their case. It just doesn’t work and it falls into one of the clearest traps that the DBA insurance company and their lawyers put out.

The DBA insurance company know that if a claimant has solid credibility they will win their DBA cases. They also know that they can make a lot of money if they delegitimize your claim. So, they will try to make you out to be a liar in front of the judge. If they are successful then they win.

I don’t want them to win. I want you to win because you don’t just want those DBA benefits, you need those DBA benefits. You need to be prepared for whatever the DBA insurance company and their lawyers throw at you. You need to put aside your frustration, your fear and your pain and present your case honestly and clearly.

To do that you are going to need to start studying. Find out when and where all the traps are going to be laid out for you by reading Win Your Defense Base Act”. This book will show you were the traps are and what do in order to side-step them.

After you’re finished reading that, take a look at the DBA article library on our website or the DBA FAQ page which covers everything you are going to need to know to win your DBA case.

Then to complete your research you are going to need to find the best representation for you and your case. You are going to need to find someone who is an expert on the DBA law system, one who has fought for others in the same situation as you and won.


Check out this article here on how to find the best attorney for you.


Or check out Avvo.com for reviews on lawyers specializing in different practice areas.


Or SuperLawyers.com for the top-rated lawyers in your state and across the country.



The Dangers of Working for SENTEL

“Currently, SENTEL’s 500 plus employees, from diverse backgrounds, are situated in over 30 locations throughout the US and several foreign countries, including Southwest Asia and Korea.” If you are one of these 500 “employees that have high levels of corporate and military experience” you are likely covered under the Defense Base Act. And this is the best thing for you.

Because if you get injured while you are working for SENTEL in one of these diverse and potentially unsafe territories outside the U.S. you will be covered. And you will be entitled to a string of financial and medical benefits that could be the means to your survival after your injury and after you’ve been sent back home.

Like I said before these benefits can sometimes be hard to get, which means you have to be ready for anything. So, as soon as you think you have a DBA claim on your hands you have to start studying, lawyer up and get your facts straight so you can be guaranteed ALL of the benefits that you deserve.


Get your FREE copy of “Win Your Defense Base Act” now and get ready.

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