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Must Read for all Saudi Arabian Contracts Covered by the DBA

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Saudi Arabia Defense Base Act Workers

There are many Saudi Arabia citizens working in Irag and Afghanistan for Defense Base Act (DBA) contractors. Most of these Saudi Arabia workers probably don't know that if they or a family member is seriously injured or killed while working in Iraq or Afghanistan they are entitled to money damages under the DBA.

There are tens of thousands of civilian contract workers from countries around the world that have been hired to support the U.S. war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan. All of these workers that have been seriously injured or killed are entitled to large money benefits from the Defense Base Act insurance company.


DBA Benefits

A widow is entitled to as much as half her spouse's salary for the rest of her life - more if the deceased left children behind. For foreigners, the law allows DBA insurance companies to calculate a lump sum based on an estimate of the widow's remaining life span, and pay half that amount.


An Uphill Battle

The problem is that these benefits aren’t going to be just given to you and your family the minute you get injured. A lot of the time DBA insurance companies are going to fight you tooth and nail so that you don’t receive your medical or financial compensation from the DBA.

This means you have to not only file your DBA claim, get the necessary documents to prove your claim but also hire the best DBA lawyer you can find to fight for you and your claim in court.

Most DBA Employers Do Not Meet Their Obligation to Saudi Arabia DBA Workers

The Defense Base Act system relies on overseas companies to make employees aware of insurance coverage and to report deaths and injuries to insurers and the federal government. But most DBA employers have not met those obligations especially when they’ve employed foreign workers. It is important that you as a contractor covered by the DBA knows their rights under the Defense Base Act.


Start Studying

You can learn more about your rights and what benefits you are entitled to under the DBA with “Win Your Defense Base Act”, the most comprehensive guide to the DBA law system and winning your case.

You can get your FREE copy here.

You can also check out our website where we include an article library, a FAQ page and blog that cover everything you may need to know for you Defense Base Act case.


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