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Answers to Your Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Questions

If you've been injured in a Longshore Act accident, you should do what countless of other injured LHWCA workers do each month and visit our website for researching Longshore Act and maritime injuries. Here you will find many pages of useful and updated information that answers your Longshore Act questions now. 

Before you talk to the adjuster, fill out any forms, or sign away your legal rights, go through our article library, blog posts or FAQ page. Make sure you know what you're going up against, know your rights and know how to get all the benefits you're entitled to under the Longshore Act. We want to make sure you're as prepared as possible, which is why provide these resources for FREE.  

Longshore Act

Our Unique Approach

My lawyers and staff offer a personal approach to winning your case. I have been practicing law specializing in the Longshore Act for over 25 years and I've learned a few things. I know how to battle the insurance company, so you can get the benefits you deserve and need.

At the Turley Law Firm PC, we know what a serious injury or death can mean to you and your family. We know that you need your medical and financial benefits to get back on your feet, put food on the table and get your future back on track. We know that these benefits can be the difference between a bleak or bright future for you and your family.


State-Wide Practice

Injured Longshore workers across California ask us to represent them and we do. Although our main office is in San Diego, we have represented Longshore workers injured from Oakland to Stockton to Los Angeles to Port Hueneme to San Diego.



Let Us Help You

If you have suffered a Maritime injury, don't delay in contacting an attorney. Many injured Longshore and Harbor Workers think that they can handle Longshore Act matters on their own. For them, it is often an issue of cost. What they don't realize is that an experienced lawyer can advocate for them throughout the entire legal process and maximize their chances of getting ALL of the benefits they deserve.



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