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Attention All Filipino Defense Base Act Workers

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Would You Trust A Liar?

Telling the truth is the first step to winning your DBA case. In fact, without the truth on your side you will lose your Defense Base Act case. I can personally guarantee it. This is because DBA cases are won based on good credibility. In simpler terms, it comes down to whether the judge believes you or not. You will lose your case if the judge thinks you are lying about any aspect of your DBA case. 

The best step for you to take is doing your research on the DBA law system and your DBA case.  Get down the basics of the DBA law system by ordering my FREE book today, Win Your Defense Base Act Case.

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Filipino Defense Base Act Workers

Whether you were injured working in Iraq, Afghanistan, in the Philippines or somewhere else in the world, if you have a Defense Base Act case,  you probably have a lot questions.

Many Filipino citizens work in Iraq and Afghanistan for Defense Base Act contractors. Many Filipino DBA workers do not know that if they or a family member is seriously injured or killed while working in Iraq or Afghanistan they are entitled to money damages under the DBA.

There are tens of thousands of civilian contract workers from countries around the world that have been hired to support the U.S. war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan. All of these workers that have been seriously injured or killed are entitled to large money benefits from the Defense Base Act insurance company.

The Defense Base Act system relies on DBA companies to make employees aware of insurance coverage and to report deaths and injuries to insurers and the federal government. But most DBA employers have not met those obligations especially when their workers aren't from their own home country. 

We Represent Filipino DBA Workers

Our law firm specializes in Defense Base Act cases. We have clients that are from all over the world. We represent Filipino DBA workers. We can help you and your family also.

Filipino DBA Workers Do Not Receive DBA Benefits Because They Do Not Know About the Defense Base Act.

Many times, injured DBA workers and their families don't get medical treatment and compensation because they were never informed of their rights to receive DBA benefits. Widows and children have also not received DBA death benefits because they didn't know they were entitled to Defense Base Act benefits.

It is my understanding that we are one of the top two largest DBA law firms. We represent more DBA workers than any law firm on the west coast. We are asked by injured DBA workers across the World to represent them. We can help you and your family too.

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