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Working for PAE can be risky and exciting. Know your rights under the DBA.

“While you live tell the truth and shame the devil.”

– William Shakespeare


Working for Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE).

According to the FAQ page on the Pacific Architect and Engineers (PAE) Careers site, “PAE operates in over 60 counties, on all seven continents.” Not all those areas of operation are going to safe. Some might be facing a natural disaster or be in the midst of a war or in social and economic disarray. This can pose a threat to you, your health and your work.

The Defense Base Act offer medical and financial benefits to overseas contractors who have been injured while working. This probably includes you if you’re a current or past employee of PAE that has worked abroad.

If you have been injured while working for PAE you must file your DBA claim a year after you have been injured or after you’ve stopped receiving some form of pay from PAE. Whichever comes last is the date that that year of opportunity starts from.

If you think you have a DBA claim on your hands it’s time to start gathering your evidence, lawyer up and get your facts straight.


First Tip.

When filing your DBA claim you should know that you’re benefits are likely to be denied by the DBA insurance company. They are not your friend. I don’t care how nice and helpful the insurance adjuster seemed to be. They are not your friend. In fact, they will do everything in their power to delegitimize their claim. They have a lot to gain if they delegitimize your very real DBA claim. They will make this whole process hard. Believe me.

With that in mind you have to build up your case so it is so strong that the DBA insurance lawyers cannot poke any kind of holes in it. It has to be rock solid. So from the moment you think you have a DBA claim on your hands get a lawyer.

I should be more specific, get the best damn DBA lawyer you can find.

The DBA insurance company and their lawyers already knows the ins and out of the DBA law system. They know what folks, like you, typically mess up and they’re going to use that to their advantage. In order to make thing more even you are going to have a DBA expert on your side too. You want the very best DBA specialized lawyer with an extensive portfolio full of successful DBA cases. This is going to be one of the most “sure” ways you will win your case. Even the odds by getting a true expert on your side that is going to explain everything to you thoroughly. By having someone that is going to be straight-forward with you, you are going to be more prepared and ready for the questions and accusations the DBA insurance company and their lawyers are going to throw at you.


The Second Tip.

Being prepared for whatever happens in court with your DBA case is another “sure” way to make you one step ahead of the opposition. It will help you and your lawyer our immensely. I suggest you start studying with “Win Your Defense Base Act”, it is the most comprehensive guide to winning your DBA case.

Did I mention you can get it FREE here? Yah, that helps too.

There is also DBAradio, a podcast that covers issues people face when handling a DBA case. Every bit helps.

This is also why I have made The Turley and Mara website, the most complete and all-encompassing DBA website out there. Here, I have squeezed my 25 years of experience and know-how with the Defense Base Act into pages and pages of easy-to-read content.


The One Thing You Really Need.

The one thing you are going to really need to win your case is the truth. You will lose your case if you are lying or exaggerating about any part of your DBA case. I can guarantee you that.

You’re thinking “Duh, of course. You can’t lie in court.” But you would be surprised how easy it is to exaggerate the pain you’re feeling, the injury itself or the event that caused the injury. Especially if you’re suffering from PTSD or are frustrated about this process or are scared of losing those DBA benefits.

But, please, resist the temptation to fudge the details of your case. I promise even the best DBA lawyer in the world is going to have a hell of time trying to win your case if you are lying about or dramatizing your DBA case. Don’t make it hard for your representation and more importantly don’t make it hard for you or your family. Make it easy by winning your case with honest, integrity and transparency.



Look if you just read through this whole article and didn’t think you got much out of it, that’s fine. But just remember this you need to be ready to fight for your rights under the DBA. You need to prepare, get experienced DBA representation and tell the truth.

At least take that away and get your FREE book. ‘Cause hey, there’s no such thing as being “over-prepared”.

Check out “Win Your Defense Base Act” reviews here.


If you have any questions about anything you have read in this article, please give us a call at our San Diego office at 619-234-2833

We’re here to help.

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