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Working for OAI and Your DBA Benefits as an Injured Civilian Contractor

“Intense feeling too often obscures the truth.” – Henry S. Truman

The Battle

“Omni maintains a remote disaster recovery center for seamless operational integrity despite natural disasters or unforeseen events.” OAI takes care of you when an unforeseen tragedy hits you and their company. But what about after the tragedy takes place, after you have been sent back home and are looking for a job with an injury, who takes care of you then?

This is why you are probably covered under the Defense Base Act. If you do get injured while working for OAI abroad you will be entitled to financial and medical benefits supplied by the DBA insurance carriers.

There’s just one issue. The DBA insurance carriers do not want to give you these benefits even if your health or you family’ financial security is at stake. This is because they have the potential to make a whole lot of money if they are able to delegitimize a DBA claim in court. So, they do everything they can to falsify your claim because money is more important to them than you or any of your loved ones’ well beings.


The Enemy

The DBA insurance companies want you to lose your case. To help you lose they are going to lay out traps for you to fall into, making it even easier for them to beat you in court. One of these traps is encouraging you to hire a local workers’ compensation lawyer. This is a big mistake.

Hiring an inexperienced local lawyer who knows just about as much about the DBA as you probably do isn’t going to do your case justice. I see it happen all the time. These inexperienced lawyers will get overwhelmed by the complexity of the DBA law system, they’ll stop answering your call, they’ll take your case to trial when they should have settled, etc. This will have only one of two results: 1. You will lose your case. 2. They will settle your case for far less than what you deserve.

Avoid this trap by researching who is the best DBA attorney on the market. Find someone that will serve you the answers you need without a side of B.S. Find someone that knows the ins and outs of the Defense Base Act and one that even the DBA insurance companies and their lawyers even respect.


Obscuring the Truth

The second trap that the DBA insurance companies are going to expect you to fall into is not telling the whole truth. They know that your credibility determines the outcome of your case. They will do whatever they can to make you out to be a liar in front of the judge.

Look, I know you are frustrated. I know you are scared. And I know you definitely didn’t ask for any of this. But you still need those DBA benefits. Which means you have to win your DBA case. Which means no matter how frustrated and upset you are you cannot fudge the truth when it comes to your DBA case. You can’t exaggerate or lie to make your case better, it won’t quicken the process and it won’t help you win. It will only hurt you, your family, OAI and your case. Basically, take a peek up back to the top of this article and don’t let your “intense feeling” “obscure the truth”.


Lack of Preparation

The third trap that you are most likely to fall into is not being prepared. But luckily, you’re already reading this article so you are on the right track. Keep going with more DBA content found on the Turley and Mara’s webpage. Here you will find your more specific and difficult questions answered. Start with the FAQ page and then pick your way through the DBA article library. It’s easy and fast.

All of the Turley and Mara content is straight-forward and to the point. My firm doesn’t beat around the bush cause that takes time and is frankly irritating. So, instead we give it to you straight. I even wrote a book that breaks down the DBA law system and the things you have to do to win. It is called “Win Your Defense Base Act” and you can get it here for FREE.

Thinking I’m tooting my own horn? That’s fair. But check out these 5 Star Reviews from other injured civilian contractors on Amazon before you decided not to order it for FREE.


Be proactive with your DBA claim. Don’t wait around for your benefits to be given to you just because you are entitled to them. The DBA insurance companies are not going to give you anything unless you file your DBA claim and get a good lawyer to represent you and your case.

Lawyer up, start studying and get your facts straight so you can secure a happy and fruitful future for you and your family. 

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