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“I think honesty is the most heroic quality one can aspire to [have].” 

- Daniel Radcliff

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Who is covered under the DBA? The Defense Base Act covers the following:

* Work for private employers on U.S. military bases or on any lands used by the U.S. for military purposes outside of the United States, including those in U.S. Territories and possessions;

* Work on public work contracts with any U.S. government agency, including construction and service contracts in connection with national defense or with war activities outside the United States;

* Work on contracts approved and funded by the U.S. under the Foreign Assistance Act, which among other things provides for cash sale of military equipment, materials, and services to its allies, if the contract is performed outside of the United States;

* Work for American employers providing welfare or similar services outside the United States for the benefit of the Armed Services, e.g. the United Service Organizations (USO).

If you meet any of the above criteria, regardless of nationality (including U.S. citizens and residents, host country nationals (local hires), and third country nationals (individuals hired from another country to work in the host country)), you are covered under the Defense Base Act.


You Didn’t Sign Up For This 

You might be covered and that's great and all but you didn't ask for this. You're happy to be back with your friends and family in Ohio and things are meant to be ok now. But you may not be able to go back to work earning the kind of money you were before you were injured. You and your family are facing a tough future if that’s the case.


So what next?

The Turley Law Firm PC are here to help and guide you through the steps of getting the benefits you deserve. We do it with plain English, so everybody can understand it and we're all on the same page.  We provide specific useful information about Defense Base Act Law for you to utilize as a resource.

If you need more details on where and how to start building your case you can order my book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case: The Ultimate Straight Talk Roadmap To The Medical Treatment and Money You and Your Family Deserve for FREE.

Win Your Defense Base Act - Free Book

It is full of information that will benefit you with your road to recovery and peace of mind after becoming an injured DBA contractor.  Read the Amazon Reviews yourself, trust me, you will thank me later.


Your First Job: Tell The Truth

The first thing you must always do is tell the truth. Treat it like your job. Your first priority is to tell the truth about every detail about your case. If there are some details that are fuzzy, be honest and say that. The judge is going to base his/her decision off your credibility. So your credibility has to be perfect, be honest about your past, present and future. That's the only way to win your case.


Your Second Job: Find The Best DBA Lawyer Out There

Your first thought is going to be to hire an attorney in your area. One that your friends and family know or that you've seen their advertisements around town. You think this is a pretty good place to start. Wrong.

Hiring a local lawyer ends in either two ways:

1. Your Ohio-based lawyer has no experience with the DBA so is "learning on the job" and ends up settling for much less of the benefits that you are entitled to.  

2. You end up calling us in panic, asking us to fix your case because your Ohio-based lawyer missed some of the important deadlines related to your DBA case or they just fudged your case and you know it. 

I don't like either of those outcomes so my vote is that you step outside of your state lines and look for a DBA lawyer that is regnized for their success, knowledge and experience. This will likely mean you'll have to do some heavy research into finding an extremely capable specialized DBA lawyer. 

But Location Does Matter

The Turley Law Firm PC isn't based in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati or Toledo and that might be a drawback for you. But we are based in San Diego, California and that is actually a benefit for you.  This is because the Defense Base Act falls under the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA). Because San Diego has the largest shipyard on the west coast with thousands of shipyard workers, I gained valuable experience in the last 25 years with these types cases covered by the LHWCA. I was doing this long before the United States sent civilian workers to Iraq and Afghanistan and now my firm is one of the top two largesd DBA law firms in the world. 

You Have a Choice

If you decide to hire my team and I , great we can't start working towards getting the benefits that you deserve. If you decide to go with a better DBA lawyer, first let me know who they are so they can teach me a few things. Then make sure you be prepared to present your case as honestly as possible.

You can hire anyone from anywhere as your representation. You could even hire your great uncle Billy to represent you. Why not? You do have a choice here, I just want you to be as ready as possible for the battle you are about to face in court. 

Get a FREE copy of my book, Win Your Defense Base Act CaseRead it and get the information you need to win. You have to know exactly what kind of evidence you need, what you need to say and how you need to present yourself. I want you to win. Let me help you get there.

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This article isn't legal advice

These discussions and/or examples are not legal advice. All legal situations are different. These testimonials, endorsements, photos and/or discussions do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter, or your particular case/ situation. Every case is different. There are any number of reasons why DBA cases are not won and/or are not as successful folks might have hoped for.

Just because we have gotten great results in so many other Defense Base Act cases, doesn't guarantee in particular result in other cases. Including, your DBA case. Every case is different.


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