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Top Rated Missouri Defense Base Act Attorney Wants You to Win Your DBA Case with the Truth

"The man who fears no truth has nothing to fear from lies."

- Thomas Jefferson

Truth Wins

When handling your DBA case, nothing matters more then the honest truth. Nothing. You must be straight forward and honest about your case. I have seen many instances where a client will sugar coat their injury and the courts throw out the case. Why? All because they were not honest from the get go.

The DBA insurance company is not on your side. They have traps laying around for you to fall in. And bet on it, if you do not follow the proper steps with your DBA case, you will fall right in.

Remember the DBA insurance company is not your friend. I strongly suggest you order a free copy of my book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case


Having the Right DBA Lawyer Can Make All the Difference

Having the right DBA lawyer will usually mean whether you win or lose your DBA case.. We stand up to the Defense Base Act insurance company that is trying to keep you from getting needed medical treatment and weekly compensation benefits.

A Local Lawyer vs. a Seasoned Defense Base Act Lawyer

You are cautioned not to hire a “local lawyer” just because they are physically close to where you live. You may be tempted to hire a workers' compensation lawyer from St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield or Jefferson City but we strongly recommend that you ignore this temptation. You need a lawyer that can take on and beat the Defense Base Act insurance company lawyers and that might mean looking outside of state lines.

The problem with hiring local is that that they don't know a lot about the Defense Base Act and are learning how to deal with your case on the job. In fact, if you have already finished my book you'll probably know more about the DBA law system than they do and that's not good. You want an expert on you side cause you can bank that Chartis, CNA, ACE and the like will hire lawyers that know everything about the DBA.

Lawyers recommended by insurance companies

Speaking of those lousy insurance companies, one reason that folks like you choose the wrong DBA lawyer is because the insurance companies suggest clients lawyers. DO NOT hire any of their suggested lawyers. It may seem like a friendly gesture but the DBA insurance company is not your friend. They do not want you to get the benefits that you deserve. They do not want you to win your case. This is a pretty common trick that a lot of good honest folks fall for it. Don't be one of them.

Serious injury specialists

We specialize in one area of law – serious injury. This provides a series of unique benefits to our clients, as all lawyers working on their behalf are dedicated to acting in situations such as theirs. We have built a team, and range of services which sets us apart from other law practices. Our in-depth knowledge insures that our clients receive the correct financial awards along with the best medical, rehabilitation, accommodation and transportation solutions.

Our experience allows us to empathize and understand the situations that our clients face. We work as a committed partner to minimize, whenever possible, the pressures and fears that are associated with serious injury. Our serious injury legal team provides support to both the person affected and their loved ones at this difficult and stressful time.


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William Turley
“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”

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