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Longshore Lashing Accidents, Injuries and Mishaps

Longshore Lashing Accidents, Lashing Injuries and Lashing Mishaps

Container lashing and de-lashing is one of the most dangerous and physically demanding jobs onboard a container ship - rods falling, mariners tripping, containers moving overhead, and fingers pinched are all accidents waiting to happen.

Containership cargo operations are known to be hazardous. Fatalities, serious injuries and musculo-skeletal disorders (MSDs) involving Longshoremen occur with a frequency that is unacceptable.

According to the PMA:

A review of the accident statistics reveals that accidents from LASHING JOBS are always in the "top three" in every major port area in PMA territory. Data from Long Beach shows an almost equal split between the highest number of injuries by body part; (scalp, finger, shoulder, back, leg and foot.) Almost 50% of the injuries to these parts are "struck by" injuries, an additional 20% are "bodily reaction" and a final 20% are due to "falls." In Washington Area, there are a significant number of ear injuries and hearing loss claims among lashers. These persons are apparently working lashing jobs on RO-RO vessels.


Lashing Injuries and Third Party/ 905(b) Claims

In our experience, there is often third party fault/ liability with lashing injuries. The reasons for this are varied:

- lack of maintenance with lashing gear
- rusty turnbuckles
- lashing gear grease/oil not properly cleaned up
- inadequate lighting
- dangerous ship design
- platforms that are too narrow
- platforms that do not have railings
- platforms that need to be straddled
- unguarded platforms
- improper loading of containers
- inadequate protection from falling into hatches



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