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How The DBA Can Help You if You Have Been Injured As a KBR Overseas Employee

"If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything." - Mark Twain


KBR Worldwide

KBR is a global company that has “customers in more than 80 countries, and operations in 40 countries, across three synergistic global businesses”. Throughout these 3 business categories including government services, technology and consulting and engineering and construction, “KBR employs approximately 34,000 people worldwide.”

KBR prides themselves on offering “challenging assignments on some of the world’s largest and most complex projects” for their employees. But these challenging assignments are not without their risks.

What happens if you are injured while working for KBR in one of the 80 countries that they operate in? What happens when you are sent home and can’t make the same kind of money you did with KBR? What are the next steps?


The Biggest DBA Misconception

First thing’s first: I need to dispel a big misconception that a lot of overseas contractors have about the Defense Base Act.

And it is this:

Just because you have a legitimate injury and cannot work does not mean that you will receive DBA benefits. DBA benefits are paid by your employer's insurance company, which has an arsenal of lawyers who are paid big money to delegitimize your claim.

You are going to need to fight this team of highly trained lawyers with everything you got. Which means have an equally qualified DBA specialized lawyer on your side and a plethora of evidence to support your claim.


Where We Come In

At my firm, we call ourselves KBR DBA lawyers because we represent employees in the exact same situation as you. We fight for the benefits you deserve and have the skills and experience to win your DBA case.

We are currently one of the top two leading DBA law firms in the world and keep our client’s interests and concerns at the forefront of our priorities.


Don’t take my word for it, take these sites’ and sources’:

Awarded Super Lawyer 2011-2017 

Highest Avvo.com Rating

New York Times Top Attorney

Elected President of Consumer Attorneys


Some Advice For The Road:

When it comes to winning your DBA case nothing is going to help you more than the truth. You are going to have to be completely honest with your spouse, your kids, your lawyer, the insurance company and the judge if you want to win your case. Even the best DBA lawyer in the world isn’t going to be able to help you win your case if you aren’t honest.

I’ve seen it time and time again.

So instead of being caught in misremembered detail or a lie, prepare yourself to tell the whole truth with your DBA case. Start researching the DBA and the DBA law system.

At the Turley Law Firm PC, I provide the resources you need to tell the truth and succeed in court. One of these resources in the book, “Win Your Defense Base Act”. It is the ultimate no B.S. guide to understanding the DBA law systems and what it will take to win.

You can get your FREE copy here.

I also provide you a more in-depth look into more specific questions you may have regarding the DBA including an article library, a FAQ page and blog. If you have a question about your DBA claim we probably have the answer here, readily available for you.

If the answer isn’t available to you here then you can give us a call at our San Diego office and we can answer the specific questions you have in regard to your DBA case.


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