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Read This Before Dealing With Your Defense Base Act Insurance Company!

How to Win the War With a DBA Insurance Agent

Every insurance adjuster deals with hundreds or thousands of claims, sometimes twenty or more per day. The adjuster’s job is to deny your benefits, saving the insurance company money. If they paid out on every claim, they’d soon be out of a job. The best way for you to get your benefits approved is to not to give the insurance adjuster a reason to deny your claim—even small technicalities can be grounds for denial.

These tips can help you know what to do (and what not to do) when dealing with a DBA insurance representative:

It’s like trying to pet a rattlesnake 

Talking to the DBA insurance adjuster is sort of like trying to pet a rattlesnake. Sure, some people may be able to do it - but I don’t suggest that you try it. 

Dealing with the DBA Insurance adjuster

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Second, I suggest you check out this article on the Top 10 DBA Questions (see Questions 2, 3, 4, and 6....). 

Be civil.

No matter how frustrated you are at the claims process, it will never help your case to take it out on the DBA insurance adjuster. A bad attitude can set the adjuster against you and also spur you to say things that are hostile or untrue. Be polite, and stay calm.

Be careful what you say.

Always tell the truth when talking to an adjuster. Lying on any fact you know to be true will get your claim denied. Your call will likely be recorded, and anything you say can be used in court, so keep your answers brief and honest. The more you say, the likelier it is that your words can be misconstrued. If an adjuster phrases a question in a way that is confusing, ask him to clarify. Make sure you have copies of the incident report and doctor’s notes in front of you to answer questions about dates and times of your injury.

Beware of friendly adjusters.

Some adjusters are bullies, but others take a different tack, acting friendly and helpful to claimants. Don’t be fooled; a nice insurance company adjuster can be even more trouble than an aggressive one. A friendly adjuster is more likely to loosen you up, making you more talkative and giving away answers that can be used to deny your claim. No matter how helpful adjusters may seem, their job is not to help you—it is to gather evidence against you. Avoid talking at length, and stick to yes or no questions.

Decline giving a statement.

Even if your call is recorded, you may still be asked to give a brief statement before your claim can be processed. This is not true. Victims do not have to give written or recorded statement in order to receive DBA benefits. If you are asked, always decline.

Avoid signing documents.

There will be many different documents included in your claim, such as medical reports, work authorizations, work restrictions, medical releases, and various insurance documents. You should not have to sign any of them. Signing a document could kill your claim before it has even begun, so never put your signature on anything without an attorney’s approval.

Get it in writing

If a DBA adjuster has told you that your claim cannot move forward without a statement or signed authorization, you should ask him or her to provide that direction in writing.

Get informed

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July 20, 2015

I have read Mr. Turley's book several times and followed his advice without fail regarding my DBA (Defense Base Act) case. It made all the difference in the world in being able to understand the complex laws under DBA. It also allowed me to speak with my attorney as an informed client which enabled a better use of limited time.


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Essential book to have for every Contractor
July 17, 2015

One can look at this book as a "force multiplier". In one book you have everything you need to know to constructively and properly address your DBA claim in a clear, understandable manner. Every topic is there from initial injury, to the reporting process, to benefits and responsibilities and, if needed, trial. For myself as a team leader in Kabul, I would of wished I had a copy on hand to give to any of my personnel if they got injured and had to go home for medical assistance. It is that valuable to possibly buy now so you know your DBA rights and benefits BEFORE you get injured and then to brief your family on if you get injured or worse, how to proceed. You have a good contractor job? Then protect it and know your rights before an incident happens! Again, like certain essential equipment we carry on missions, this book is just as important to have with you for a successful mission.


5.0 out of 5 stars
True Guide to Success!
April 2, 2016

In spite of me being in severe pain, the insurance company refused to x-ray my neck. To add insult to injury, their doctor released me to go back to work, which was quite shocking to me. That is when I called Mr. Turley’s Law Firm to represent me because he is knowledgeable and a leading expert in the field of DBA law.


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