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South Dakota DBA Lawyers Win Defense Base Act Cases with The Truth

“Half the Truth is often a great Lie.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Bill Turley - South Dakota DBA Lawyer

What Franklin said.

I would have thought Benjamin Franklin was talking about Defense Base Act (DBA) cases when I read this quote. Of course, he wasn’t but he might as well have. To win your DBA case you must tell the truth about everything, to everyone, all the time. With DBA cases the truth doesn’t get a break.

This is because the DBA insurance company and their lawyers are going to dissect your case and find every little detail they can that might make you look like you’re lying about your claim. It’s sad and it’s true. They have a lot of money to gain if you lose your case. Keep this in mind when you’re talking to anyone from the DBA insurance company.


Be Prepared.

The DBA insurance company is not your friend. No matter how nice and “helpful” they might appear, they’re not on your side. They are expecting and hoping you mess up your case. Whether it’s by hiring the wrong representation, falling for one of their traps or exaggerating a detail about your case; they are ready to pounce on it.

So be as ready as they are. Start reading up on the DBA, start finding out what you need to do to beat the DBA insurance companies. This is where I come in. I want to help.

So here is my book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case, that you can get for FREE here. It outlines everything you need to do, have, say to win your DBA case.

You can also check out the Turley and Mara website that is the ultimate hub for the straight, clear and readable information on everything there is to know about the DBA law system.

Look I figure you want to skip all the B.S and get to the real stuff, the stuff you want to know. I made these resources just like that. No fluff, no sparkles, just plain and simple like a good steak.


Get a Guide.

Look the DBA law system is not easy. It’s complicated with a lot of papers, a lot of deadlines, a lot of obstacles. To get through it you’re going to need a guide. And not just any guide, the best guide you can find. This guide is going to be highly specialized in the DBA, have extensive experience with DBA cases and basically be able to take on and beat the DBA insurance companies.

Now your first inclination is going to hire a local South Dakota attorney. Make sense. They’re physically close to you and hold your hand through this whole process. I get it. And if you find a top-notch DBA lawyer somewhere in Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, Rapid City, Watertown or Brookings then I say hire them.

Odds are you won’t though. Instead take a look outside South Dakota. You can hire representation from anywhere in the United States because the Defense Base Act is under Federal Law. Odds are that these out of state DBA specialist lawyers will be there as much or more so than the local and expensive lawyer you were originally thinking about.

Find out more here about what to look out for when you’re looking for the right attorney.



It’s All About the Money.

For the DBA insurance company, it is all about the money. For you it shouldn’t be.

You’re probably thinking that hiring such an experienced lawyer is expensive. My answer to that is it shouldn’t be. If you’re lawyer is doing their job right than the DBA insurance companies should be the ones paying your legal fees, not you.

It’s plain and simple. You’re in this whole situation because of them, you didn’t ask for this why should you pay for these legal fees? You shouldn’t. So, make sure you make it clear that you know this when you’re looking for the right attorney for you and your DBA case.


I know what I’m Talking About

I know it’s hard to believe everything you read on the Internet. I tell that to my clients all the time. So, here’s why I know this stuff:

My firm is one of the top two leading DBA law firms in the world. We have represented thousands of seriously injured workers covered under the Longshore Act or the Defense Base Act for over 25 years.

My book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case, has helped a lot of folks in similar situations as you. Check out the 5 Star reviews on Amazon.

I am top rated on Avvo.com, the number one source for finding the best lawyer for your case.

I have been rewarded the Super Lawyers Award every year since 2011.


If you take away anything from this page let it be that you must be prepared for your DBA case. Start reading by getting my FREE book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case.


If you have any questions about your case or where to take the first steps,

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