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Suffering Gulf War Syndrome? Get Your DBA Benefits Now.


The Symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome

According to the VA website, a prominent condition affecting Gulf War Veterans is a cluster of “medically unexplained” chronic symptoms that can include fatigue, headaches, joint pain, indigestion, insomnia, dizziness, respiratory disorders, and memory problems. The VA goes on to explain that they prefer not to call this Gulf War Syndrome.  This because the “because symptoms vary widely.”  

According to the VA, Gulf War Veterans who meet certain criteria do not need to prove a connection between their military service and illnesses in order to receive VA disability compensation.

As you probably know, the Gulf War differed from every other U.S. war in one very significant extent.  Unlike almost every other war in U.S. history the Gulf Wars were waged with a huge number of overseas civilian contractors.  Most of these workers are covered by the Defense Base Act (DBA).

The Defense Base Act covers all injuries and/or illnesses that occurred due to civilian contractors working overseas, this includes those that participated in the Gulf War, which naturally includes Gulf War Syndrome.


Four Things That You Must Do Now

If you or a loved one worked in the Gulf Wars as a civilian contractor and you suffer from the these symptoms, then you should consider doing three things.

1. Seek medical treatment from a doctor that is familiar with Gulf War Syndrome. Don't just go with the one the insurance company recommends, do your research, be diligent. This is not the time to take the easy way out. 

2. Consult and hire the very best Defense Base Act law firm that you can find. This means taking the time to research top, specialized DBA attorneys in your area. If there are none find the best in your state. There are none? Find the best in your country. The choices are limited? Find the best in the world. Winning your DBA case isn't going to be easy. Get an expert on your side to fight the experts with the insurance company going against you.  

3. Learn everything you can about the Defense Base Act and the DBA law system. Start with the basics and get a FREE copy of my book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case. This book will give you the rundown of everything you need to know, say and do to win your DBA case. 

Win Your Defense Base Act Case - Bill Turley

4. Tell the truth. At the end of the day, a DBA case is a court case. If the Judge believes you and your claim you'll probably win your case. If you lie about anything, even the smallest detail, you will lose your case. It really is that simple sometimes. So if you ignore all the advice on this page, know this: you will lose your case if you're not honest. 


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