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Winning your DBA Case as an Injured General Atomics Overseas Employee


“The man who fears no truth has nothing to fear from lies.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Starting from The Beginning

When you first applied to General Atomics Aeronautical Systems you probably saw a line on their career’s page right above the space where you logged into your account. This line read, “Consider joining us and be part of a community of innovative and forward-looking people who together, are creating the future.”

Being a part of this community might be great, I don’t doubt that. I also don’t doubt that being part of this community has its own risks. Risks that could affect your ability to work once you return from overseas, your health and the future of you and your family.


I’m not a big fan of risks personally that’s why I am a big fan of The Defense Base Act.

The Defense Base Act (DBA) covers severely injured civilian contractors working overseas. If you are injured while working for General Atomics abroad then this includes you. And that’s great because if you are injured, can’t work and sent home than you may be entitled to financial and medical benefits. These benefits could be the difference between a great future and a less appealing one for you and your loved ones.


“I am covered by the DBA, I am injured, I need help, what now?”

You need to lawyer up.

And when I say “lawyer up”, I mean find the most experienced and well-versed DBA attorney to represent you and your case. This is going to require you to do some extensive research by watching interviews, checking out resources, reading testimonials, looking at online reviews, etc.

But just make sure that you have the best possible DBA lawyer that is going to make this whole process easier, not more complex and convoluted. This means stay away from anyone that uses “lawyer-talk” or fills your head with B.S. You want someone that gives it to you straight, someone that is going to let you know what’s actually going on as honestly and as clearly as possible.

Now it’s time for you to start studying by pulling every readily available resource on the DBA Law System.

One of the best resources out there is my book, “Win Your Defense Base Act Case”, that you can get here for FREE. Think I’m just tooting my own horn? Check out all these great 5 Star reviews from folks just like you who used this resource to their advantage.

There is also the Turley and Mara Website which goes more in depth on what you need to do and what you need to have to win your Defense Base Act case. This site covers everything from what forms you need for your DBA case, if you can choose your own doctor for your DBA case, and if your claim is confidential. It will answer just about any question you might have about the DBA.


How You’re Going to Win

Now that you have the first steps down on building your DBA case you need to know how to win your DBA case. So here is the one simple rule that every DBA claimant needs to know in order to win their DBA case.

Tell the truth. About everything, to everyone, all the time.

This includes your children, your spouse, your doctor, your lawyer, the DBA insurance adjuster, and most importantly the judge. If you are suspected for even a second that you aren’t telling the truth with your DBA case, then you lose your case. If you misremember one detail, forget to mention a past injury, say that you can’t do something when you can but it brings you immense pain, then you will lose your case.

Keep it simple, keep it easy and tell the truth about everything. If you don’t know the answer to a question be honest and say you don’t know. Don’t try to guess. You’re not helping anyone, you’re just hurting yourself.

One more time for the ride home: Tell the truth. About everything, to everyone, all the time.



If you take away anything for this page take this: You can get a FREE copy of my book, “Win Your Defense Base Act Case” here and be ready for whatever the DBA law system throws at you. This is the most comprehensive guide to winning your DBA case.

Take advantage of it. 

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