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G4S, the Defense Base Act, and Getting the DBA Benefits You Deserve - Winning With Truth

Let’s talk about G4S and The Defense Base Act

According to the G4S site, "G4S secures people, property and assets by understanding and mitigating security risk. We offer a suite of products and services, including risk consulting and investigations, systems integration, security software and technology and security professionals".

G4S Security services over 100 countries and over 7,400 customers. If you are one of the 57,000 employees that has spent over 76 million hours on duty for G4S, then you are likely working abroad and you are likely covered by the Defense Base Act.

The Defense Base Act covers overseas civilian contractors who work in potentially hazardous work environments and have been injured. These contractors are usually sent home quickly after they are injured and are forced to find new employment and get treatment at the same time. Most of the time, it’s pretty challenging to find work that offers the same kind of pay they were receiving abroad. The DBA offers these injured contractors medical and financial benefits that help this transition back into the normal world a little bit easier.


Getting These Benefits

Let’s talk about getting these benefits. It’s not going to be easy, let’s just start with that. The first thing you are going to have to do is get your facts straight and boost your credibility. The one thing that will determine whether you are going to win or lose your DBA case is whether the Judge believes you or not. If the Judge believes you, you will probably win your case. 

On the flip side, when the Judge doesn’t believe you, you will lose your DBA case. Seems simple, but it can be pretty complicated.

This is why it is imperative for you to tell the truth about everything. You’ve heard the saying: “don’t sweat the small stuff”. This is pretty much the worst advice for a DBA case because the “small stuff” will affect your credibility at trial. That is exactly what the insurance company’s lawyers will try to use against you.


It Really is The "Small Stuff"

Win Your Defense Base Act Case goes through—in detail—all the “small stuff” the DBA insurance company’s lawyers are going to do to try and derail your DBA case. In short, all the tricks and traps they use to beat you and your case in court.

You can get your FREE copy here.

See the thing is the DBA insurance company’s lawyers know that solid credibility wins cases. So, they are going to bring up the smallest details about your DBA claim and throw it against you. You have to know your claim backwards and front. You have to tell the truth about everything, to everyone, all the time. Don’t get caught in a white lie. Don’t get caught in an exaggeration. You will lose if you do.  

The DBA law system may be long and complicated but you can dig your way through it and the reward on the other side is well worth the time and effort you put into your case. Fight for what you deserve, don’t let the DBA insurance company win.

You can do this. You can win.

And if you need a little help along the way, give our San Diego office a call. We’re here to answer any question you have and support you in this process.

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