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The “Must-Read” for Injured Flight Services International Contractors Working Overseas

“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true.” – Abraham Lincoln

It won’t be you

When you took a job with Flight Services International (FSI) as a flight attendant you never thought it would be you that got injured at work. Maybe a friend of a friend, a pilot, another flight attendant you never met before but definitely not you. So, what does happen when you do get injured on a flight overseas and are sent home? What are the next steps? What are you going to do for work?

It is likely that you are covered by the Defense Base Act (DBA) which covers death and injuries for overseas civilian contractors. And if you are one of the flight attendants that have gone through FSI’s “rigorous selection process” than this probably includes you.

So now you know the first step is to find out if you are covered. The second step is hiring the best Defense Base Act lawyer you can find.


The Best of the Best

The best lawyer you can find is going to be one with a ton of experience with the DBA. They are going to know what to look out for and what you are going to have to do to win. Yes, you are going to have to fight for this too, don’t just have your lawyer do all the heavy lifting. A good DBA lawyer will know that you will have put in time and effort to prepare and win your DBA case.

You can start prepping for your DBA case by reading my book, “Win Your Defense Base Act”. It is the “must-read” for every contactor who has been injured overseas. It walks you step by step through what exactly you have to do to win your DBA case.

After you read the book, you can go through our website. There you will find more detailed answers to your DBA questions like how to deal with an insurance adjuster, what kind of evidence is needed to win cases, and even what to look for when hiring representation for your DBA case.


One last piece of advice…

There is really only one thing you can do that will guarantee a win for you and your case in court. That one thing is: tell the truth. It may sound simple but it is going to require you, again, to prepare. It is going to require you to be thorough. Because if you misremember one detail about your case, or hide a previous injury or exaggerate the pain your feeling due to the injury your case is over.

You will lose your case if the judge thinks that you are lying about any aspect of your case, no matter how small that aspect is. It’s just how it is.

Learn more here about how to win your case with the truth here.



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