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DynCorp International and the Defense Base Act


Defense Base Act Lawyer Bill Turley on Dyncorp

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Defense Base Act Lawyer Bill Turley


DynCorp International: The Dangers

According to the DynCorp website, “For seven decades, the qualified and experienced professionals at DynCorp International have provided [their] customers with top quality service around the world.” They “go wherever and whenever the mission calls to support a safer and more stable world."

This means that DynCorp goes places that can be hazardous to your health and mental well-being. These areas can include war-torn area or in civil unrest or have other unforeseen dangers that can put you at risk.

This is why the Defense Base Act exists. To protect overseas civilian contractors who work for companies like DynCorp. This act provides individual injured employees working abroad financial and medical benefits so they can continue to get better and provide for their families and themselves.

 Dyncorp and the Defense Base Act

I've been handling Dyncorp Defense Base Act cases for years. Dyncorp is a major player in overseas civilian contracting.  The U.S. Department of Labor's Defense Base Act Summary by Company states that Dyncorp has the second most number of DBA injuries since 2001. 

It you are injured while you are overseas as a civilian contractor while your working for Dyncorp, then you have Defense Base Act (DBA)case. 

You're not in Kansas anymore.  The DBA world is a very different world than you are probably used to. 

Making decisions based upon emotions...

A good DBA lawyer doesn’t have the same emotional attachment to your case that you have. Folks almost always evaluate their cases based upon emotion, rather than logic and clear thinking. 

Combining experience with non-emotional decision-making is the real value in hiring the right DBA lawyer.

If you want to know more about hiring the right DBA Lawyer - - check out this article on the Top 10 DBA Questions (see Questions 2, 3, 4, and 6....) 


You have to win your DBA case with the truth

The most important take-away that I can give you is that you always have to tell the truth with your DBA case. The DBA insurance company is going to hope you fall for one of their tricks or traps. They are hoping that you will lie.  Or, at least, not be 100% candid about something.  They will try and make you look like a liar, even if you're not lying. Problem is, they're really good at it. 

Fact is, the DBA insurance company law lay tricks and traps for unsuspecting people just like you that have legitimate DBA claims. People have been falling for these tricks and traps for years. This is one of the main areas I cover in my 5 Star reviewed book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case.  My book is all about helping you avoid these case-killing mistakes. 

The insurance company wants you to lie (or at least look like a liar) so they can use it to destroy your credibility at the trial of your case. A DBA case is a court case. Nothing is more important than your credibility.

You can take this to the bank - if the Judge in your case doesn't believe you - then you will lose. It's just that simple, on one level. On so many other levels there are a whole lot of moving parts. I cover all of this in my book, so you can understand what it's going to take in order for you to win your case. 


"I'm telling the truth, so I'm good"


They hope this is what you're thinking.  

Thinking this way can and will cost you A LOT of money.  Reading my book will save you a lot of heartache and headaches. You don't have to believe me.   Check out all of the 5 Star reviews on amazon.com.  

The Steps to Getting DBA Benefits

The first step is getting a leg up on the enemy, in this case the enemy is the DBA insurance companies. The DBA insurance companies will have an arsenal of experienced and skilled lawyers on the side with the purpose of proving you are a liar and that you are faking the injury. Why is this their purpose?

Because they know the DBA insurance companies make a A LOT of money by denying legitimate DBA claims. So that’s what these lawyers are going to help them do.

Which means you are going to need just as much of a DBA expert fighting for you as the DBA insurance companies have fighting for them. So, should  hire the best HONEST DBA lawyer you can find.

The Defense Base Act is a part of Federal Law, which means you can hire anyone from anywhere to be your representation. Keep this in mind when seeking out the best DBA attorney for you.


Overseas civilian contractors, Dyncorp and PTSD 

A huge number of overseas civilian contractors have PTSD symptoms.  Your first step should be checking out this great article on the PTSD and the DBA.  Your second step should be getting my book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case. Your third step getting help so you can get better. Your next step should be getting the DBA compensation you and your family deserve.  

If you need help right now - you can reach out to us.  619-304-1000 

We have helped thousands of folks just like you get help under these laws. 


Check out this article to find out more about what you should be looking for when hiring your DBA case representation.


Having a seasoned DBA attorney is going to help you win. What else is going to help you win is being prepared.

You should know how the DBA law system works. But it is one of the most complex practices in law, so learning how it works isn’t going to be easy. Luckily for you,  we make it our job to make the DBA law system as simple and as clear as we can.


Win Your Defense Base Act Case 

WIn Your Defense Base Act Case - Bill Turley talks about how to win your Dyncorp DBA case

You can get a FREE copy of our book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case, HERE.

5 Star Reviews on Amazon.com

Make sure you check out all of the 5 Star reviews of the Win Your Defense Base Act Case on amazon.com


You can also check out our FAQ page and our Article Library that covers everything you are going to need know to prepare for your DBA case.

You can do this. You can win. 

Learn about the Defense Base Act - Case Studies 

In this article I give you DBA case studies so you can understand some of the principals and issues in DBA cases. 


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