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Defense Base Act Non-Scheduled Injuries: A Wage Loss Concept

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Defense Base Act Non-Scheduled Injuries: A Wage Loss Concept

I’ve got this....

These are famous last words. These are usually last words attributed to a person before their death.... 

Here, we’re not talking about your literal death. More likely we’re talking about the death of your DBA case. Not good. On any level. 

Before you think that you’ve got this - meaning, that you can represent yourself in your DBA case, I suggest that you check out this article on the Top 10 DBA Questions. (see Questions 2,4, and 6....) 

Scheduled Injuries vs. Non-Scheduled Injuries

In this article I discuss DBA non-scheduled injuries. There are two different types of injuries under the Defense Base Act: scheduled disabilities and unscheduled disabilities. In order to determine whether you are entitled to permanent disability compensation under the DBA, you first need to determine whether you have a scheduled injury or an unscheduled injury. Simply put, any injury to a body part not listed on the schedule is an unscheduled injury. (Scheduled vs. Unscheduled Injuries).

Types of DBA non-scheduled injuries

The following are considered non-scheduled injuries under the DBA:


Defense Base Act Non-Scheduled Injuries

In order to determine permanent disability for a non-scheduled injury, you must first determine whether you are medically able to return to your usual and customary employment without suffering any wage loss. In other words, are you able to perform your regular work? If you are able to return to your regular work without incurring any wage loss, then you are probably not entitled to any permanent disability under the Defense Base Act.  

This is a hard concept for some folks to grasp at first. Simply stated, you can have a fairly serious non-scheduled injury and if you are able to return to your usual and customary Defense Base Act work – then you are probably not entitled to any permanent disability compensation. Conversely, you can have a not nearly as serious non-scheduled injury that prevents you from returning to usual and customary Defense Base Act work – then you may be entitled to significant lifetime disability benefits.                      

It's a wage loss concept                                                                      

In order to grasp this concept you need to understand permanent disability under the DBA for unscheduled injuries is a wage loss concept. The Judge will be comparing your pre-injury earnings to your post-injury earnings. In other words, you need to compare your Average Weekly Wage (AWW)  before your injury to your wage earning capacity after your injury.

You Are Presumed To Be Permanently Totally Disabled

Under the Defense Base Act, you are presumed to be permanently totally disabled when you establish an inability to return to your usual DBA employment. Your usual DBA employment is that which you were performing at the time of your injury. If you satisfy the requirements for this presumption, the burden shifts to the DBA insurance company to establish the availability of suitable alternate employment that you are capable of performing. Again, the focus here is on you - not some ordinary or reasonable person.

The DBA insurance company bears the burden of establishing that suitable alternate work is realistically and regularly available to you in the geographic area in which you reside and which you are capable of performing considering your age, education, work experience, and physical restrictions and/or psychological restrictions.

Labor Market Surveys

The way this works in a DBA case is that if you are not able to return to your usual and customary work and you have a non-scheduled injury, the DBA insurance company is going to get a Labor Market Survey. This is an important step in your case. Click here for more information on Labor Market Surveys.

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You have to tell the truth

When you bring a DBA case, nothing matters more than the truth. Nothing else is even close. You have to be straightforward and honest about everything in your case.

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