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If you have been injured while working overseas for Costellis, you need this DBA article.

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t”

– Mark Twain



Working for Costellis Can Be Dangerous

“Constellis is constantly seeking highly skilled, innovative team players who share our willingness to support complex operations in some of the most demanding locations across the globe.” These demanding locations, like Afghanistan and Iraq, can present very real dangers for you and your health. It is important that while working in these harsh environments overseas that you are covered by the Defense Base Act.

It is equally important that if you are injured while working in these strenuous environments that you know your rights under the DBA and what medical and financial benefits you are entitled to.

Find out exactly what you are entitled to under the DBA with my book, “Win Your Defense Base Act Case”. It is the “must read” for every civilian contractor who has been injured overseas.

Once you find out that your injury is covered under the DBA while working overseas for Constellis you have to file your DBA claim with the Department of Labor. After you filed it is time to start preparing for what’s up next.


What’s Up Next

You are going to have to fight for the benefits you are entitled to under the DBA in court. In order to win those benefits you are going to have to prepare yourself to present your case as honestly as possible and have a well-seasoned DBA lawyer to represent you and your case.



In order to win your DBA case, you are going to have to be as honest as possible with your case. This is because the truth wins DBA cases. It is a simple as that. DBA cases are won or lost based on credibility. If the judge thinks you’re lying or exaggerating any aspect of your case, no matter how small, you will lose your case.

To be completely honest with your case you are going to have to be prepared for whatever trap the DBA insurance company and their lawyers throw at you. You are going to have to know what kind of evidence you need, what to say and what to do to support your honest claim.

This is going to require some studying. “Win Your Defense Base Act Case” is the best resource for any civilian contractor that has been injured overseas. And you can get it here for FREE.

There is also the Turley Law Firm website which is full of articles, blog posts and videos that covers everything you need to know to find success in court. Here you will find the answers you need now to walk you through the steps of fighting for your DBA claim.

You are going to need to be prepared to tell the truth to win you’re your DBA case. But how are you going to navigate the murky water of the DBA law system without a DBA expert to guide you through them.


Finding the Expert Guide

Finding and expert DBA lawyer is also going to require a bit of research. This means not exactly hiring the first DBA attorney that comes up on a Google search. But instead watching their videos, interviews, reading their testimonials and articles and making sure they know what they’re doing. Because having a blind guide for your DBA case isn’t going to get you anywhere.


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Even if you decide to go with another DBA attorney or law firm, get something out of reading this article.

Get your FREE copy of my book, “Win Your Defense Base Act”, here.


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