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Are you looking for the Best Connecticut Defense Base Act Attorney? Here He Is.

"Honesty prospers in every condition of life."

- Friedrick Schiller

It All Comes Down To Whether The Judge Believes You

This is the situation. I know that you want to win your Defense Base Act case.  The future for you and your family depends on it. I understand.

I am aware of this because my law firm is one of the top two largest DBA law firms in the world that represents seriously injured overseas civilian contractors.

The point is this: Nothing is more crucial to your case than your credibility when you bring in a DBA claim. Whether the Judge believes you or not will determine the outcome of your case more than anything else. 

Seems simple, but it can get very complex.

Telling the truth about everything is so important. When it comes to a DBA case, you need to “sweat the small stuff” so to speak. Specifically, it is all the seemingly small details that the DBA insurance company is going to try and use to derail your case and beat you in court.

I explain this in my book Win Your Defense Base Act Case. DBA insurance companies HATE this book. It is written to help you with all the "small details" that are going to help you save your credibility and help you win your DBA case. (The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com, or you can get it for free on this website.).

Don't fool yourself by saying, "I'm telling the truth, no problem, I've got this." That is just the thinking that can put you into another one of the DBA insurance company’s tricks and traps.


We Aren’t From Connecticut and That's A Good Thing

We are based in San Diego, California. We have been handling Longshore and Harbor Worker Compensation Act (Longshore Act) claims since 1987, it’s kind of our thing. The Defense Base Act is an extension of the Longshore Act.  Defense Base Act cases are administered through the Department of Labor. It is the same law, same system and the same Judges.  We understand DBA cases.  We understand the DBA insurance companies. 

San Diego has the biggest shipyard on the West Coast. I cut my teeth, so to speak, handling Longshore Act cases for shipyard workers and Longshoremen. 

Today we represent seriously injured Defense Base Act workers and their family’s across the USA and around the world. 


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