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Eliminate the Risk of Working for CHS Medical Overseas and Learn Your DBA Benefits

“Truth is certainly a branch of morality and a very important one to society.”

– Thomas Jefferson


CHSi Careers Page - CHSi Receptionist

The CHSi You Know

On the Comprehensive Health Services “Careers” page there is a lot of talk about how much they care for their employees. For example, “At Comprehensive Health Services, we are committed to the growth and development of our employees”.

They think the world of you and your co-workers. Look at this list of attributes they give you:

  • Mission-driven and committed to the greater good
  • Passionate about their profession
  • Fiercely loyal
  • Dedicated to helping other
  • Exhibit a genuine sense of caring about other, both on and off the job

But would they still have that same level of loyalty and care if you got injured while working for CHSi Medical overseas? They should, right? That’s part of their job, especially as a company that specializes in offering health services.


Not Always True

Sadly, this isn’t always true and it’s really not the fault of CHSi Medical. Most of the time getting the benefits you are entitled to under the Defense Base Act (DBA) when you have been injured overseas can be a challenge.

This is because the DBA insurance companies have a lot of money to gain by delegitimizing DBA claims in court. So that means you are going to have to lawyer up, get your evidence ready and be prepared to be as honest as possible when bringing your DBA claim to court.


What is Always True

What is always true is that you have to be as honest as possible with every detail about your DBA case with everyone involved. This is because honesty and integrity win DBA cases. Now I know it is tempting to exaggerate your pain, your injury or the event that lead to your injury. But as medical professionals you should know better. These little white lies get your patients in trouble and make it harder for you to help them. It is the same thing here.

How is your DBA attorney going to win your case if you don’t tell them the truth about your case? The answer is that they can’t. So, help them help you and stay honest.

One of the ways you can be prepared to be as honest as possible in court is by learning about what is expected of you with a DBA case. You need to know what kind of traps you need to avoid and what kind of things you need to do to help you win.

The best way to learn is by someone telling it to you straight without the fluff. It’s why I wrote my book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case, because people like you need to know what to watch out for and how to succeed. This reason is also why I give always gives my book out for FREE.

I also offer FREE content on the Turley Law Firm Website that has all my knowledge about the DBA compounded into one easy and clear space.

Check out these resources and get your questions answered and then find the best DBA attorney you can.

Best of luck. You’ll need it.

William Turley
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