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California Workers’ Compensation Acronyms, Abbreviations & Lingo


California Workers' Compensation Acronyms, Abbreviations & Lingo 

Just like with anything else, if you are going to understand your California Workers' Compensation case, you need the know the lingo, so to speak. Here, we have provided you with the most common California Workers' Compensation terms:

AA               Applicant's Attorney

AME            Agreed Medical Examiner

AOE/COE    Arising out of and in the course and scope of employment

AWW           Average Weekly Wage

DA               Defense Attorney

DEU             Disability Evaluation Unit

F & A           Findings and Award

I & A            Information and Assistance Office

IME              Independent Medical Examiner

LC                Labor Code

MMI             Maximum Medical Improvement

MSC            Mandatory Settlement Conference

PJ                Presiding Judge

PD               Permanent Disability

PPD             Partial Permanent Disability

PTC             Pre-Trial Conference

P&S             Permanent and Stationary

PTP             Primary Treating Physician

QIW             Qualified Injured Worker

QME            Qualified Medical Examiner

Recon         Reconsideration

Reg.            Regulation

RU              Rehabilitation Unit

TD              Temporary Disability

TPD            Temporary Partial Disability

TTD            Total Temporary Disability

VR              Vocational Rehabilitation

VRMA         Vocational Rehabilitation Maintenance Allowance

WCAB        Workers' Compensation Appeals Board

WCALJ      Workers' Compensation Administrative Law Judge

WCJ           Workers' Compensation Judge



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